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Trigger a button press/click from another button

When you have two or more buttons or even icons on a page that performs the same function, you shouldn't have to provide the same formula for both buttons. 

You should have the ability to trigger a button's click/pressed event from the other button so that you only maintain one version of the formule.



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Level 10

I believe a cleaner approach would be to be able to define functions/procedures, then you could call the same code from two or more buttons on any numbers of screens.

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Agree it would be a cleaner solution.  However, PowerApps seems so far away from being able to offer user defined functions.  So a more attainable solution might be to allow triggering another button.


Microsoft Employee

No update on this?

Level 10

This is now possible, I believe, via the Select() action.

This is not yet documented but will work.

Reference here:

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@Meneghino, I see that you can only use select it the control is on the same screen. Still helpful but would be great to trigger buttons on other screens as well.

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Is there any update on when this idea possibly being implemented?


As it is would be very helpful functionality and aid in many aspects of form/app creation.