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Uncustomized Forms not exported in Managed Solution after UR12

Author Name: Massoud Dehkordi

The SDK (5.0.13) for UR12 introduced this breaking change:

"...after Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Update Rollup 12 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM December 2012 Service Update, un-customized form definitions will no longer be exported with unmanaged solutions"

It does not mention anywhere that this is also true for Managed Solutions, but in fact un-customized Forms are also NOT exported in Managed Solutions either.

If that should be the case, then please update the SDK documentation, and if in fact they should be exported in Managed Solutions, then please treat as a bug.

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Status changed to: Completed
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I don't know if it only mentions forms in the SDK, but I have certainly observed that this behaviour is true for views as well. I guess the point is that if you have not customised something, there is not much point in it being included in your solution and bloating it, and potentially causing someone to have to go through with a fine-toothed comb to figure out if you have changed anything before they trust your solution to be imported. If for some reason you want to include one or more in your solution, it seems you can force an export by changing the metadata alone - ie change the form description in a trivial way rather than changing the actual form layout.
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A side effect is that if you customise the new FlowUI forms to disable them in Polaris you end of the with them being exported in your solution. Possibly exactly the opposite of what you wanted?
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As far as I'm aware this has always been the case with CRM 2011 so it sounds like the SDK documentation is misleading.
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We are looking into this.
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I have addd the following statement to the SDK topic: Create, install, and update a managed solution ( "A managed solution only includes any customizable solution components that have been customized. Not only does this prevent unintentionally changing existing solution components on the system where the solution is installed, it also keeps the size of the managed solution smaller." This update will be in the next SDK release. I thought this had beens stated elsewhere already and it seems many people already knew or expected this. But I could not find that statement explicitly made. Now it will be. Thanks for pointing this out.