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I've been reading some ideas around Custom Themes with style sheets and stuff. However, I have not seen ideas leveraging a JSON file. Power BI already allows the import of a JSON file to define a custom theme. It would be very useful if we could upload the same JSON file to PowerApps and that way keep consistency among Power BI and PowerApps, especially when embedding one into the other.


In dropdown list, sometimes length of a option is too long to view in a mobile screen, also I couldn't find the scrolling option. Screenshot is attached. Can something be done about it like adding a scrolling option or any other.



Lots of PowerApps developers waste hours of their lives trying to figure out:

- What type of object am I dealing with

- What properties does a certain object have


One good solution would to be add a simple label where in Text property we could specify something like Stringify(My_Object_OrArray)

I hope it's not that hard to implement, but the amount of time we could save on debugging would be massive. Plus, passing JSON objects to MS Flows or other connectors would extremely useful

We can reference control to a parent (Like Parent.Width, .Height, .Fill, etc.). For the controls however we have to reference it by it's name. So when I have a control name 'Label1' I can reference it bij Label1.Width, .Height, . Color, .Fill, etc.


It should be a great idea to add a global reference to the control itself. Me comes in mind as a good name for this parameter. So Me.Width, .Height, .Fill, etc.


This parameter would make it faster to copy formula's from control to control or add a formula to multiple selected controls. An example:


Say I have ten controls (Control1,2,3,4,5,...) and I want them to be at the left off my screen. I can then select them all and just do  the following formula on the X parameter: 

Parent.Width - Me.Width


Current I must adjust the formula for each control like:

Parent.Width - Control1.Width // for the first control
Parent.Width - Control2.Width // for the second control
Parent.Width - Control3.Width // for the third control
// and so on

This is time consuming because I have to copy/paste/adjust for each individual control.

So I would make a major time reduction to be able to do all ten controls in the same time.


Please provide the ability for the code editor to pop out into a SEPARATE, moveable and resizeable window.


Status: Under Review

Here is a general set of recommendations for improvement of the Code Editor within PowerApps.  Some of these have been covered by other ideas, but I wanted to consolidate many of these, as well as add a few:


A few "low hanging fruit" items in the current code editor though would be VERY useful:


Proper handling of keyboard for a real editor - ie:

  • Enter key should go to new line, as it did prior to the most recent update.  Should be no reason to have to hit SHIFT-Enter (please do not follow the Excel model)

  • Tab key should indeed insert a Tab or four spaces (probably the latter is better) and not try to do ANY sort of autocomplete.  If this is seen as a necessary feature (autocomplete), please do so with another key or else a modifier on tab (shift-tab, etc), though Tab itself should do exactly what the key was intended to do when in the editor. 

  • Search/Replace hotkey (preferrably Control-F as in most editors, though may be problematic due to browser so other key is ok) - This would search the text in the current code editor, with option to replace.  See further bullet below
  • Alt-(Mouse Hi-Light) to selectively highlight a block of text NOT starting at the beginning of the line..  ie: if I highlight text starting at column 20 through column 50 on the first line, as I move down, only those columns should be selected a rectangle, and when I copy that, only those items should be copied.  
    Pasting in such a copied block, should also paste in a similar fashion (ie: say I move down and click on column 10, then each line from the copied block should also be pasted in starting on line 10).  
    This is similar to most code editors including Microsoft Visual Studio - and is VERY useful)

On the above, please look to your own products such as Visual Studio / VS Code (not Excel) for good examples of how the editor should do things.  Understand that a large portion of your target market is people who have experience in Excel - but this is not a good model, and I imagine event frustrating for them (while Excel does use SHIFT-ENTER for things, how many would like to see SHIFT-ENTER being the only way to get to a new line in MS Word?  :-) ).  

Popout Code Editor to separate - resizable, moveable window - As per my prior idea


Option to turn off "auto execution" of code when in Code Editor "on demand" - PowerApps today executes code WHILE you're typing it, but this not only dramatically slows down the editor at times, but also throws errors in the midst of just changing the code.  This is highly annoying and there should be the option to turn this off (directly within the code editor window of the code I'm editing, not having to walk down through menus turn off/on - should be able to easily turn off and on "on demand" for just that window).  
The autoexecution is useful though and I'm not suggesting getting rid of it, but the ability to turn it off whilst editing would be useful.  
Note: the slowness this causes often is dependent on time of day and sometimes makes it almost impossible to use (has improved recently though).  May be dependent on how busy the backend PowerApps services in Azure are.

Checkbox on Code Editor window to make it "read only" - Often times I want to look at code, but do not want to mistakenly change things.  In some cases I've seen PowerApps (or the browser) misinterpret keystrokes (seems to be more timing) and have noticed at times that my code has changed or been deleted - probably due to my inadvertedly modifying it.  Would be nice to have a "Read Only" checkbox.

Search and Replace Capabilities - As mentioned above, we need the ability to search within a specific code block for text.  However, another use is the ability to search across ALL code blocks (and any controls, etc) for text - ie: in order to identify where a variable is used throughout and perhaps even replace, though there are other cases as well (the variable list in the menu is often too slow to use, but this doesn't address many of the use cases that good search and replace capability would provide).

Source Control Integration - There should be the ability to push code blocks into source control.  While PowerApps does indeed offer versioning, it is very granular.  

Fix minor issues with comments - While PowerApps now does very well with comments, there are still some issues as compared to other editors/languages) where the /* */ is not handled "properly" - primarily around nesting of comments within other comments - which is not something you'd do by design, but often is done to temporarily comment out large sections of code for testing purposes.  

These things would go a LONG way toward making the PowerApps code editor MUCH more useful, and alleviate at least some of the desire to have PowerApps use external editors like MS Code (though there are still good reasons that more advanced users may need this also).


Status: Under Review

Updating status and adding @GregLi

The coding part of PowerApps can contain complex code. It would be great if the code could be simplified by storying the code in libraries that can be maintained from within the PowerApps Studio.

Status: Under Review

Enable interactive charts for powerapps in Chrome/Firefox

Status: New
by armanschwarz 3 weeks ago - last edited 3 weeks ago

This is arguably more of a bug than an idea, but interactive charts don't work when using chrome/firefox as of versions 68 and 61 respectively.


This is similar to the issue posted here last year: https://powerusers.microsoft.com/t5/General-Discussion/Bug-PieChart-Selected-is-not-working/td-p/468...


powerapps pie chart bug.gif 


To reproduce:

  1. Create a blank powerapp
  2. Add pie chart
  3. Press F5 to run the chart
  4. On IE/Edge the slices are clickable, on chrome/edge they are not.

This means that the OnSelect feature can't be used, and the apps won't work properly when embedded in e.g. Dynamics. 


I've raised this with LCS support (ticket 118083018893996). The service rep advised me to post this ticket.


In terms of severity, since most of our users are Chrome/Firefox this is a problem for us, as it means interactive charts can't be used.

It would be fantastic to have stored procedure access to PowerApps. It's a feature presently blocking a number of customers of ours from implementing PowerApps since much of their logic is in the sprocs already. They don't want to implement Flow for this since they see it as another cog to pay for. This seems like pretty core functionality but there must be some big technical blocker from MS implementing it. 

Status: Under Review

Is it possible in PowerApps to use a single Hamburger Menu throughout the application as a common or shared component?
And how can a hamburger menu be implemented in PowerApps?

Status: Planned

HI @suhailsalim - this is something we have planned for the future - both reusable controls, and menu controls. I dont have a release timeline at the moment, but we will keep this idea updated.

DatePicker Colors

Status: Planned
by AmrHamam on ‎08-08-2018 10:59 PM

There is no way to control colors of DatePicker 




Status: Planned

Date picker colors can be changed by changing an app's theme today (and we just released some great new themes: https://powerapps.microsoft.com/en-us/blog/themes-update-adds-new-office-themes-and-contrast-complia...) -- that said, agreed that makers need more control over specific properties. Flagging @FilipK whose team has some work planned for date picker controls and upgrading the status here.

We were unable to register Flow into Powerapp if 1. we chose PowerApp as trigger, and 2. in the following action(s) we chose an action which requires an array type input, (e.g.: "Create HTML table " or "Initialize variable with type array" or even directly getting string from Powerapp and transforming it into array in the following step(s) If these conditions are met we got error message while trying to register/connect the flow to powerapp - registration failed. We tried it in 2 tenant with the same result with new and existing powerapps as well. MS O365 support team tried it in their environment with the same result. It would be nice if you can enable / fix it Thanks Laszlo

Add a "while" statement into powerapps

Status: Under Review
by Colleen on ‎08-13-2018 01:37 AM

This is quite a self explanatory idea (a statement to run whilst the condition stated is true) as is a fairly basic command in most languages and i feel is missing in PowerApps.


The ForAll statement can replace a while in SOME situations but not all. For example, if you want to check if a table has been refreshed - a ForAll loop doesn't really help you! 


A while loop would greatly improve efficiency for me instead of having to use longwinded workarounds which waste both a lot of time on myside writing it, and on the users side as it is resource heavy. Please add this feature as it is a common sense command that would aid a lot of people!

Status: Under Review

Upgrading to under review and adding @GregLi to take a look.



This is basically the same idea as in Self reference named operator for controls idea, and even though I commented on it as well, I thought it might be useful to create a new one to have it "bubble to the top" since the prior one was marked as Completed - which in my opinion it was not.  


So as in the prior idea, the request here is to have a Self (or ThisControl, or whatever it may be called) operator that would allow one to access members of the SAME control without having to refer to it directly by name. 


This would be very similar to the Parent operator or even ThisItem and would both save time and prevent errors when copying and pasting similar controls (especially when creating "composite" controls by grouping others).  


When one copies and pastes controls that reference another property within the same control, one then has to go back and manually ensure that all references are modified to be that of the new control (yes PowerApps in some cases will rename on copy and paste - but this often/usually does not work in the code blocks).  


Please see the link above for the prior idea for more information.


Note, this would be a BIG productivity boost for me.

Note that as I am unaware if there is another way to flag that an idea that was marked as completed did not appear to meet what the idea asked for I have created a new one.  If this is not the appropriate way, please let us know how otherwise to flag this (perhaps just commenting is enough?).  


Status: Under Review

This is a great idea. Flagging @GregLi to review.

We have many scenarios where it will be useful to select which row of a gallery is active and ensure it is visible. For example, if a screen allows “in-gallery” editing, and the user clicks on the “Add” button, we add a blank row in the gallery, but the user must scroll/sort/search the new records if the gallery as many. In another scenario, the user scrolls in the gallery and the clicks on “view detail” button that opens a screen with the selected record information. When the user returns to the gallery screen, it is repositioned at the beginning of the list.


In both scenarios, it will be helpful to

  • be able to indicate programmatically which row is the “selected” one in the gallery :
    SelectRow(<Logical expression>) //Select the first row matching the expression
  • issue a command to ensure the selected row is currently visible:
    EnsureSelectedVisible(MyGallery) //Ensure the selected record of MyGallery is visible in the gallery control (even if the screen is not visible)

PLEASE give us a real code editor

Status: Started
by RussellGove on ‎06-18-2018 02:23 PM

PLEASE give us a real code editor. This dropdown thing has to go. How about using Monaco?

Status: Started

This is definitely a journey -- but we're on it. We've recently shipped commenting and the ability to auto-format formulas ("pretty print"), and there's more on the way for this experience

It would be nice to have a shortcut to publish i.e. Ctrl+Shift+S like now Ctrl+S is shortcut to save.






Status: Under Review

Updating status and adding @mabolan

It would be nice to be able to create a SharePoint list PowerApps Custom Form in one site or list (e.g. development) and then be able to move it to another site or list (e,g, production). This would help with development and teting of new and updated forms before they are released to the production. This could also help with the reuse of form designs, so a person isn't always recreating the wheel.

Status: Planned

It make sense when the Textinput Format is TextFormat.Number, the keyboard on Android or iOS should be numbers only, not the whole QWERTY.

Status: Under Review

Making SQL Connector Secure

Status: Under Review
by Super User on ‎05-03-2018 10:16 AM


The biggest problem with developing PowerApps with Azure SQL Database is that we have to share the SQL Connector with each user of the app.

What that means is that each employee can bypass the app by creating their own app and adding this connector to their app (since it is shared). They get the ability to see all the tables and views in the database. Basically, everything there is in the SQL database, on top of that they also get the ability to edit the information in any way they please.

This is not an issue for non-confidential information and simple apps. However, we have plans to develop more complex apps with data that should not be seen by everyone who will be using the app. PowerApps is great as we can build custom logic on who sees what. However, since each employee can create a fake app and throw in the SQL connector that was shared with them, this means that all the security and complex data validation built in the app becomes useless.



I think the simplest solution would be to make the SQL Connector when sharing it, the user gets “Can use” permission, it would be great if we could give an even lower permission level like “Can use only in this App”. This would make it impossible for them to create fake apps and throw in this SQL Connector to see data they are not supposed to see.


Another option would be that when user has “Can use” permissions on SQL Connector they would only be allowed to use it where the owner put that SQL Connection, making it impossible for them to drop this connection in their Apps or Flows.



Either one of those solutions would make PowerApps a lot more useful for a large number of corporations. This would definitely push PowerApps adoption for more complex systems and bring it above other similar platforms out there.

Status: Under Review

Catching up to this discussion and updating the status. We are looking at adding additional auth models for SQL. In the meantime, as many posters have pointed out here, the solution is to create your app in an environment other than the default environment, where you can control who can build apps and thus reuse the connection. Separating apps by environments is a best practice regardless.


Regarding discussion here on using Gateways in the non-default environment, per comments here this is possible today by filiing a support ticket and giving us some context to evaluate the request.

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