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Every time I make a change to the Power App applications for my organization (not changes to the datasources, but the actual app) my users do not receive the updates, even if they close and re-open the application. Instead they have to slide the 3 buttons on the left side of the screen and hit the powerapps refresh button and then relaunch the application. Most users arent aware of the 3 buttons on the left, and this "workflow" is not very intuitative. Forcing the users to uninstall and reinstall is even worse of a work around.


Is there any way to force the app to do a full-refresh like there is for refreshing datasources (ie refresh(datasource) ).... maybe something like "RefreshApplication()"?



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It make sense when the Textinput Format is TextFormat.Number, the keyboard on Android or iOS should be numbers only, not the whole QWERTY.

When the PowerApp finishes loading in the WebPart, the focus switches to the iframe that its generated by it.

So if you were seeing the top of the page and this webpart is in the bottom, the page scrolls down by itself.


This is not a good behaviour, we would like to have the webpart without pulling focus to it.


The biggest problem with developing PowerApps with Azure SQL Database is that we have to share the SQL Connector with each user of the app.

What that means is that each employee can bypass the app by creating their own app and adding this connector to their app (since it is shared). They get the ability to see all the tables and views in the database. Basically, everything there is in the SQL database, on top of that they also get the ability to edit the information in any way they please.

This is not an issue for non-confidential information and simple apps. However, we have plans to develop more complex apps with data that should not be seen by everyone who will be using the app. PowerApps is great as we can build custom logic on who sees what. However, since each employee can create a fake app and throw in the SQL connector that was shared with them, this means that all the security and complex data validation built in the app becomes useless.



I think the simplest solution would be to make the SQL Connector when sharing it, the user gets “Can use” permission, it would be great if we could give an even lower permission level like “Can use only in this App”. This would make it impossible for them to create fake apps and throw in this SQL Connector to see data they are not supposed to see.


Another option would be that when user has “Can use” permissions on SQL Connector they would only be allowed to use it where the owner put that SQL Connection, making it impossible for them to drop this connection in their Apps or Flows.



Either one of those solutions would make PowerApps a lot more useful for a large number of corporations. This would definitely push PowerApps adoption for more complex systems and bring it above other similar platforms out there.

It would be extremely useful to treat Power BI datasets as another other data source/database. Oddly, the functionality exists to push updates but not pull/access existing data. Please add this functionality.

This is a suggestion to use Biometric Authentication on PowerApps.


These days most of the Smartphones provide Finger Print Scanner authentication and it is being used by most of the apps in domains like banking as well. The proposal is being made to leverage the Biometric Finger print scanner for PowerApps on mobile devices. The devices that do not have finger print scanners would work normally.


Current experience:

- For the first time login : 2 factor authentication

- Subsequent : no login, direct access


Suggested experience:

- For the first time, have the normal 2 factor authentication

- Subsequent : Biometric login with finger print scanner

Toggle Switch for Error Reporting

Status: New
by EL3utherio5 ‎04-13-2018 08:59 AM - edited ‎04-13-2018 09:01 AM

PowerApps Team,


It would be extremely beneficial if you could create a Toggle Switch for Error reporting. Many of my App users experience the errors coming on top of the screen and think that there's something wrong with the App, just because it failed to load a picture.


The error comes from a picture not loading when PowerApps uses the outlook list and when it sees a person that doesn’t have a profile picture (i.e. anyone’s email outside of my organization). Please create a way to toggle the error reporting off so users don't see messages like this:




Thank you.



Mario C.


It would be nice to be able to create a SharePoint list PowerApps Custom Form in one site or list (e.g. development) and then be able to move it to another site or list (e,g, production). This would help with development and teting of new and updated forms before they are released to the production. This could also help with the reuse of form designs, so a person isn't always recreating the wheel.

It would be cool, if you were able to reorder the controls in the left navigation pane. 

A simple "Move up" / "Move Down" like it is implemented for screens would be very helpful.


Best Regards



One of the biggest issues in PowerApps right now is that we cannot protect our data. If we connect any data source to PowerApps (Excel, SharePoint List, SQL Server Connection) it has to be shared with all users for them to be able to use the app.

This creates a problem where user has access directly to data source and can bypass the app to do direct modifications to the data source as well as see information not meant to be seen by them. If your app was built to limit users access to some data, for example:

  1. Showing users only their vacation requests and hiding other user vacations
  2. Showing user only their travel request and hiding other user travels

That means that all users can see all data as well as they can modify it without any trace.


In case of Excel file on OneDrive we need to give users access to this file, that means that user can just go on OneDrive and find the excel file and edit it.

In case of SharePoint List, that means that user needs to have Edit rights to that list and can just find it on the SharePoint Site and go in and edit.

In case of SQL Server Connection, that means that user can open PowerApps, click create new app, open Data Sources and the shared SQL connection will be there and he can connect to it. This will allow the user to see all tables in that SQL connection with edit rights.



I believe the best way to fix it, and this will allow PowerApps to become truly powerful tool to replace most of organization applications is to give the App itself write rights to the Excel sheets, SharePoint lists or SQL Connection and not the user. This way the user will have no access to the files, SharePoint List or SQL Connection and the only way to interact with data will be through the App.

NFC tag Scanning

Status: New
by Username111 2 weeks ago

PowerApps Team,


It would be extremely beneficial if you could insert an NFC Scanner as a media (similar use of Barcode scanner).

NFC tags are now being used for huge IoT projects that's why scanning NFC tags' UID and/or memory would be very useful!


Thank you,




Refreshing Flows

Status: New
by vivekb a month ago

It would be great if there was a 'Refresh' option for Flows.If there is any change in the Flow , it will get reflected automatically. 

Right now, one needs to remove the flow and add it again to see the changes. Sometime, I have to go to data sources, remove the flow datasource and then add it again. It would be so much simpler with a 'Refresh' option similar to some data source connections.2018-04-25 16_52_13-Random Movie - Saved (Unpublished) - PowerApps.png


One of my biggest pains is the lack of reusability for:

- Screens I have built in an existing app: there is no efficient and qualitative way to "import" a screen into your PowerApps.

- Configured controls: a kind of code/control library, ideally across app, would be beneficial.


This is very important in the context of team work: It allows you to pre-configure (or even "brand") controls so that all of the team members can re-use the screens/controls/...





Status: Planned

Drill down to Show Analytics Usage Hourly

Status: New
by seanatron 2 weeks ago - last edited 2 weeks ago

It would be great to be able to drill down to a day and see how many users/time accessed per hour. This would help with many things including planning downtime activities (such as restarting/upgrading gateways). The daily usage is great as it is, but to become an asset having that extra data would be fantastic.

Enhance Pen Control to work with photos

Status: New
by paul_culmsee ‎04-20-2018 09:26 PM - edited ‎04-20-2018 09:40 PM

Right now, one can overlay a pen control over an image control and do basic markup on a photo. But there are several disadvantages.


1. The image of the pen control is separate from the image control image. This necessitates using things like azure functions if you want to merge the markup with the image

2. Even if you do step 1, the image control defaults to a "Fill" for ImagePosition, whereas the pen control has no concept of this. As a result, your markup is not guaranteed to be where you expect... for example note how the blue circle is not shown in the right location in the gallery





I feel a great way to deliver much needed functionality in a simple way, is to add a "sourcephoto" property to the pen control. This means the pen control has the dimensions of the photo and can ensure markup positioning is correct. Finally, add a "compositeimage" property which allows you to grab the markup and photo together as a single image, separate to the existing image property which has the markup alone. This will eliminate the need to merge the images in a separate webservice call.


This is the killer use-case that I can't deal with at present. My clients are large refineries and construction sites, so often they are taking photos of equipment as part of quality audits to highlight wear and tear. Often they will want to draw attention to something small in the photo like a crack or some rust...


 Would It be possible to add the functionality off a stand alone function (so apart from a screen/control)  to PowerApps.


The idea is to be able to use this stand alone function in a formula to validate or calculate. Example:

1) If(ValidateForm(parameter1, parameter2, parameter3), do something 1, do something 2) 


In this case the ValidateForm is the stand alone function which returns a boolean.


2) CalculateNumber * 10


In this case the CalculateNumber is the stand alone function which returns a integer.


Reason: a stand alone function can reduce the length off a formula by many lines and a stand alone function could be reused on several screens.

Not an Idea but a must: make Model Driven Apps views reachable in Canvas Apps as Datasource. enough said.

Status: Under Review

Adding @LanceDelano and @bsimons

File / App Settings currently has a "Description" field that (Describe's what people can do with this app. This will appear with your app in your org's AppSource gallery.)  That's a helpful customer facing description.


I'd like a DEVELOPER'S NOTES field in Settings where I can keep notes to myself or my team about variables used or process flow within the program to help me troubleshoot later.  This will help internally with the Developer team.

Attach a file to form

Status: Started
by on ‎02-01-2017 09:56 PM

I'd like to be able to use a control like the Add Picture button, but for Files of any type.


The control would open up a file picker, I could select the file and then I can upload the same as content from Add Picture.


For example, my current need is to attach a document (doc, ppt, pdf, etc) to an Annotation to a Case in Dynamics 365.

Status: Started
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