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Status: Under Review
by parkm on ‎06-08-2016 07:17 AM

Any chance to have a connector to a Firebase backend.  I would love to read and write to that.

Status: Under Review

Adding @archanan to status pls.

get Office 365 User profile Picture

Status: Planned
by naredie87 on ‎07-20-2016 08:42 AM

Selecting an user name, get Office 365 User profile Picture. Right now we can use only User().Image and get the current user picture but if i want to make an app that show all the workers from my company( reading from CRM or Sharepoint list) I would like to show the user picture and the user info. 

Status: Planned

The current user picture is planned through:



Learn more on this topic here:



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To me, the really BIG market for Power Apps is with SMEs who need to be able to build line of mobile and web based business apps themselves (or have a consultant do it for them). Most of these will not have Azure accounts and would probably be put off by the techy nature of it.

Also, aimed at IWs, they are more likely to spend their time in Office 365 / Sharepoint.

With AWA, there have been complaints that hosting in Sharepoint is a limitation - although I disagree strongly. It may be better, therefore for PA to have it's own environment and completely hide it's reliance on Azure services from users (as AWA does).


Julian Kirkness shared this idea  · 

Status: Completed

As per @rc This feature was released prior to GA. PowerApps don't require an Azure subscription and can run independently of any other host like SharePoint. All you need is PowerApps! Thank you!

Barcode Generation

Status: Under Review
by AJM2016 on ‎09-21-2016 07:28 PM

Now we have barcode scanning it would also be good to have barcode generation into an image. In my application this would be used for an eID Card where I need a barcode on the card. Currently I only need it to be Code 39 for an ID number but it would be nice to generate QR codes to transfere information like text or a set of values by scanning the code as well.



Status: Under Review

Payment Providers

by JDJR on ‎05-02-2016 06:39 AM

We should also consider creating the capability of allowing us to connect to payment providers like (Paypal, Ituit, Square, etc).  This will allows us to accept payments within our apps.  Example:  People in the field who are at customers site performing a job from a ticket that was assigned to them and enters the details of that job information in that ticket.  When the job is completed, they can create an invoice or open existing invoice and accept payment for their work.

Attachments stored in Azure Blob Store

Status: Completed
by Graham ‎10-31-2016 09:02 AM - edited ‎10-31-2016 09:03 AM

It would be really useful to be able to attach an unlimited number of files (Word, Excel, PDF, Img etc) to a record holding the file in a linked Azure Blob store.

Status: Completed

Please review this article here for an example of how this can be done:



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Currently it seems that PowerApps Studio (v 2.0.440) diplays the columns/fields of collections in alpabetical order in the Content -> Collections menu.  It does not display columns/fields in their actual order.  This is unhelpful since column ordering is important for example for debugging chart displays.

Please make the Content->Collections display collection colums/fields in their actual order as opposed to alphabetical order.

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Add Headings/Categories on Open Dialog

Status: Under Review
by stvcdms on ‎05-03-2016 01:08 PM

Being able to orgazie apps on the Open diaglog by using both personal and company-managed headings/categories.

Status: Under Review

Provide Pathway for Preview Users to Migrate

Status: Planned
by mr-dang on ‎11-17-2016 09:38 PM

I am requesting a reasonable way to migrate apps and entities from Legacy environments to new environments. I want to remain a customer and developer of PowerApps, but there are significant challenges if you are like me and you have lots of apps which each use lots of custom entities. Remaking all the entities, and re-adding all the entities in every single app, and then re-saving it onto a new environment will give me access to new security features. But there is no easy way to do it.


The export function does not work on legacy. All I want is to get my fields copied from legacy to a new environment. If I can just get that, it will save so many hours of labor. 


The blog says:

"Custom entities and customizations to standard entities will need to be manually recreated in the new environment, because there is currently no way to export them from the Preview environment."


Is there going to be a way in the future? If so, are you thinking near-term, and if not--why not?

Status: Planned

I believe this article provides additional clarifications:



Thank you for your continued feedback and support,



Connection to Firebase

Status: Need Info
by Community Support Team on ‎04-26-2016 12:15 AM



Leo Mehrabian shared this idea  · 

Status: Need Info

Adding @archanan to update status pls.

Name connections

Status: Planned
by MRCL on ‎05-03-2016 07:31 PM

I have created different sql azure connections and I do not know which is which because they are listed with the exact same name.

Status: Planned
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Hi. Experimenting with the Camera Control.
There is a tutorial.
The Camera Control has a property for the Camera ID.
Key properties
Camera – On a device that has more than one camera, the numeric ID of the camera that the app uses.

What is the best method to know the cameraID? what is the cameraID of the selfie camera? what about the main camera? 0? 1? 2? 1000? Is the camera ID device dependent?

On iOS the main camera id is 2, the selfie camera is 0 or -1.
Not sure if it is the same on android, couldn't test this yet
In the Windows Phone environment. the main camera has 0 as Camera ID. the front facing camera is not 1. or 2. or 3.

Camera ID should be consistent. ex: 1 for Selfie. 2 for Main. ACROSS IOS, ANDROID, Windows

Please let us know which is which. Please be consistent. Thanks.

Status: Under Review

@FilipK to update status.

Embedding PowerApps within SharePoint

Status: Planned
by pturner on ‎10-17-2016 11:20 PM

Provide a way to use the PowerApps url in a way that removes the heading i.e. make it look like a form within SharePoint.  We need the ability to remove/or collapse the header (in red).



Status: Planned

Loading message

Status: New
by on ‎02-07-2017 09:03 PM

Some user attached images in my data set are pretty large and take some time to download.

Is there a way to check if an API call is still loading? That way I could set Visibility on a "Loading..." text box based on the loading status of its data source.

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Connector for CRM in On Premise and HRWeb

Status: Planned
by on ‎09-21-2016 10:21 AM

Hi Team,


I am from the GHRO team in Microsoft and we would like to have a connector to On Premise CRM which we are using now and also for HRWeb portal to improve the EMployee experience through power apps.


Please let us knwo for further details and we will happy to assist in get these thing done.


Thank you

Status: Planned

As per @archanan this is planned.

The problem with Access you can only publish on the Web Via SharePoint.


Jackson Caldwell shared this idea  · 

Add the ability to create SaaS applications and the Ability to sell or rent the service.


Jackson Caldwell shared this idea · Jan 29, 2016

Status: Planned

This is planned via AppSource. We will be releasing more information about AppSource shortly. Until then, please reference this article:



Thank you for your continued feedback,


We now should have the ability to use CDS as a data source for Power BI, which is great.

However, we do not yet have the ability to use CDS as a data source for Excel Power Query (aka Get & Transform).

This would be the most direct way of producing pivot tables and printable reports from CDS data.

Please vote this up!

Status: Under Review

@jonoluk to confirm status pls.

Whatsapp notification support

by Community Support Team on ‎04-26-2016 01:42 AM

WhatsApp is very common. Please add a connection so that any changes in PoewrApps can be notified through WhatsApp. Since PowerApps is cloud-based, definitely using WhatsApp is PLUS point and save cost instead of using SMS.


Anonymous shared this idea · January 28, 2016

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Saving image to on premise SQL database.

Status: New
by jmontoya on ‎02-28-2017 06:06 PM

I need a centralized place to save images on premise database. One drive will require to save images in each user account.

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