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It would be great if we could launch PowerApps Apps from within the Office 365 Home Screen 

Allow PowerApps to import images into the app from the smartphone or tablet camera roll.

Text inputs can have their radius defined, however the same cant be done for labels that may have a border and filled in. 

equally the same for shapes such as rectangles etc.


Can the radius function be included for all items that may have a border so that all items can not just be a straight edged rectanngle.

We desparately need to have access to more than one value when accessing a relationship/lookup. Even when the data is stored in a collection, you can only access one value from the lookup field (mainly the PrimaryId unless you put another value that you want to access as Value1 when accessing the lookup and then store that value in another entity). When creating more powerful apps, we are having to create work-arounds by storing extra information in entities that should be accessible via a lookup. For one, it is bad programming when you store the same information twice or check for the same thing multiple times. Not only that, it creates the possibility of data loss and slower functionality.

To create more powerful apps and keep consistent data, we need to be able to access more information via a relationship/lookup, even if it is only available when accessing that information in collections (which is good programming anyway). 

On the menu of all apps, the name of the person that created the app is listed under the app title and in the environment/info details. I would like a way to make this optional. I work in a large corp (over 150,000 people), and having my name on there incites people call me when they need help on the app or their connection to it goes down.  I cannot provide that help to them.  It would be great to be able to list the correct person or even a helpline # for users to contact with questions.


Thank you


its can be very efficiant if we have a tool for measuring users uses in my apps.

to control and improve our development and project

thank you,

Dror Daniely


Attach a file to form

Status: Planned
by on ‎02-01-2017 09:56 PM

I'd like to be able to use a control like the Add Picture button, but for Files of any type.


The control would open up a file picker, I could select the file and then I can upload the same as content from Add Picture.


For example, my current need is to attach a document (doc, ppt, pdf, etc) to an Annotation to a Case in Dynamics 365.

Status: Planned

Currently the Remove/RemoveIf functions have a return value of the target data source without the removed item(s).  This is counterintuitive and useless for positive confirmation of the deletion of the record(s) for tables > 500 records, since this function is not delegated.


Please provide Delete/DeleteIf functions that have a retrun value of the deleted record(s)


Many thanks.

Support Multiple OS languages when offline

Status: New
by SaimaRasheed on ‎06-27-2017 09:05 AM



I recently built a global app to work offline when needed but PowerApps doesnt not support multi languages offline. When I change my OS language to Spanish from English (App is built using English) and then go offline my buttons and some texts disappear. 

I am currently able to make the user to use PowerApps without any admin's permission along with direct access to URL in case the Self sign up is acceptable even if Office365 tile is hidden along with the license once deleted by an admin.  When I wish to restrict the user's utilization of PowerApps as an internal security measure, I am unable to make a limit only on each of the tenant.  That is very inconvenient for me.  As a consequence, I hope you forbid the users with the disabled license to use PowerApps because of security concerns.

Full support for reading and writing to Sharepoint Choice fields, including ones with multiple selections enabled, is essential for PowerApps to be a viable platform.


Upvote if you agree.

Status: Planned

We are able to change the Chevron fill in the dropdown box. it would be very helpful if we are able to make the same adjustments in the case of a date picker.

Run PowerApps/Flow as system account

Status: New
by KREI_CZ on ‎06-21-2017 01:36 AM



I am now working on migration from workflows to PowerApps/Flows.

First issue we have faced are sharepoint attachmets.... which as I can see are finally in development.


But second issue is that most of our workflows run under system account, as we dont want users to have direct access to list, but we want them to access them only via PowerApps/Workflow/Flow.


In SharePoint it was easy, we just used "Impersonation Step" or App step...


Would it be possible to implement something similliar in PowerApps/Flows?


Ideally, it would be nice to be able to specify user roles in PowerApp and then specify in each element or at least window which role is able to use the element.



Honestly, we are being forced to throw away our workflows, but new solution is simply not able to replace it as it not contain basic funcionalities which were available in workflows...


This is must have function, as you really cant just give full access to everybody to everything you want to access in application. We need to separate application access, from database access.


Thank you very much


Best regards

Searchable Drop-Down control

Status: New
by FredForest on ‎07-15-2017 05:15 AM

It'd be great to have a filterable/searchable dropdown. This tend to become necessairy when your dropdown list gets longer than 10-20 items.



A similar behaviour can be done with a seperate search box... but from a UI standpoint, this isn't as elegant as it tends to take a lot of screen real-estate.


A first step would be to let the dropdown read the keystrokes so it position itself to the proper item.

I would like to share my app with my entire organization of approximately 3500 people. I want them all to be able to totally use the app using the connections and permissions of the owner.


This is important for several reasons.

1. I send confirmation emails from this app, so I want them all emails to come from a support email address, not the user's personal email.

2. I am using CDS and do not want the users to be able to log into powerapps and edit the data in excel. I only want the user to be able to modify data through the app.

3. Users will not want to use my app if they have to log into several services before they can even load the app.


Please add a share option. "Share with current connections."

Autosave on the web editor

Status: New
by SvenV on ‎06-21-2017 03:21 PM

I'm working a lot on the web editor and it crashes a lot (for some reason it sometimes give errors and crashes). Then all my work is lost and I have to start over. Is there a possibility to have an autosave functionality? Now I need to do constantly CTRL + S to make sure nothing gets lost. Also if the session is expired and you haven't saved, your work is also lost.



Save attachments to SharePoint list item

Status: Started
by KREI on ‎10-14-2016 01:26 PM



My main blocking point right now, is that I can not attach files to SharePoint list via PoweApps edit forms.

I can create app which can manage orders in SharePoint list for my company in few seconds, but we are forced to keep original email request in list. For this we are using InfoPath which works fine, but PowerApps should be much more suitable solution.


Also we are using same procedure but with excel forms, for that is also important to be able to EDIT excel/word... attachment directly on SharePoint. So what I would like to have in DisplayForm/edit form, when I click on excel file attached, it will open my excel, let me edit it and save it back directly to SharePoint like is possible now with forms on SharePoint.


Once I will have those 2 things in PowerApps, my live will be much more easier! Smiley Surprised


Would like to use PowerApps in our company, but right now... its not possible

Status: Started

PDF Viewer In Gallery

Status: New
by JMoran on ‎07-04-2017 07:26 AM

I think a PDF viewer would be a very useful control in the gallery. Currently all you can use is an image which may not be a very good reflective of the PDF if it is likely to change.

Delegation of DateAdd

Status: New
by bjkountz 3 weeks ago

Add delegation for date methods such as DateAdd

We need the ability to get various metadata about the app using formula.  For example it woud be great to display the version number and relelase date of the app rather than manually adding them in a text field.


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