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Currently there is a limitation of uploading a file attachment size to max of 10 MB. SInce SPO can accept upto 250 MB per file in a list item, it makes sense to increase the attachment size in PowerApps to 250MB.

Toggle Switch for Error Reporting

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by EL3utherio5 a week ago - last edited a week ago

PowerApps Team,


It would be extremely beneficial if you could create a Toggle Switch for Error reporting. Many of my App users experience the errors coming on top of the screen and think that there's something wrong with the App, just because it failed to load a picture.


The error comes from a picture not loading when PowerApps uses the outlook list and when it sees a person that doesn’t have a profile picture (i.e. anyone’s email outside of my organization). Please create a way to toggle the error reporting off so users don't see messages like this:




Thank you.



Mario C.


When I put content in a rich text column, links are fixed so that internal links are rewritten to be relative urls (which is a by design behavior).


However when displaying the rich text column in a PowerApp list form, the relative urls are prefixed with "https://prod-westeurope.azureedge.net/" instead of the local site url.


This renders the links useless and prevents us from launching our otherwise cool LogicApp.

Could you change the wording when apps are loading from "No items to display" to something more accurate such as "Loading".  If the app takes a minute to load it can be confusing to users.  

It would be nice to be able to create a SharePoint list PowerApps Custom Form in one site or list (e.g. development) and then be able to move it to another site or list (e,g, production). This would help with development and teting of new and updated forms before they are released to the production. This could also help with the reuse of form designs, so a person isn't always recreating the wheel.

Good day!


I have created an app that loads videos from a YouTube link and a companion PDF transcript. My App allows for text search (word or phrase) with the results directing the user to where in the video the word or phrase was mentioned. This has been a life saver for my organization as we can directly search entire catalogs of meetings, and video presentations.


However, our team in China is not able to view the videos due to YouTube restrictions in this country. I have tried to connect my data through Stream, but from personal experience and research, this is not a viable option either. Can the PowerApps development team work on a solution to this problem? My team would greatly appreciate it!





Mario C.

Status: Planned

Hey Mario, VDC - Thanks for sharing your scenario and concern. Agreed, Streams integration is very important for our customers. I can assure you, our team is working hard to land this requirement.

One of my biggest pains is the lack of reusability for:

- Screens I have built in an existing app: there is no efficient and qualitative way to "import" a screen into your PowerApps.

- Configured controls: a kind of code/control library, ideally across app, would be beneficial.


This is very important in the context of team work: It allows you to pre-configure (or even "brand") controls so that all of the team members can re-use the screens/controls/...






One of the biggest issues in PowerApps right now is that we cannot protect our data. If we connect any data source to PowerApps (Excel, SharePoint List, SQL Server Connection) it has to be shared with all users for them to be able to use the app.

This creates a problem where user has access directly to data source and can bypass the app to do direct modifications to the data source as well as see information not meant to be seen by them. If your app was built to limit users access to some data, for example:

  1. Showing users only their vacation requests and hiding other user vacations
  2. Showing user only their travel request and hiding other user travels

That means that all users can see all data as well as they can modify it without any trace.


In case of Excel file on OneDrive we need to give users access to this file, that means that user can just go on OneDrive and find the excel file and edit it.

In case of SharePoint List, that means that user needs to have Edit rights to that list and can just find it on the SharePoint Site and go in and edit.

In case of SQL Server Connection, that means that user can open PowerApps, click create new app, open Data Sources and the shared SQL connection will be there and he can connect to it. This will allow the user to see all tables in that SQL connection with edit rights.



I believe the best way to fix it, and this will allow PowerApps to become truly powerful tool to replace most of organization applications is to give the App itself write rights to the Excel sheets, SharePoint lists or SQL Connection and not the user. This way the user will have no access to the files, SharePoint List or SQL Connection and the only way to interact with data will be through the App.

In Powerapps when you select a value from a SharePoint Lookup field the additional fields that are associated with that lookup field don't get updated until the record is saved in SharePoint. It would be nice if those additional fields could be updated in the Powerapps form when the user selects an item in the lookup field, so they can immediately see the values of those additional fields.

PowerApps Offline install

Status: New
by AlexX a week ago

It would be helpful to be able to install PowerApps for computers that don't have the MS Windows Store installed or no Internet access.  Having the capability to install the app through other means like SCCM would be great.  


Per reference, REG:118041117982974

We are currently reviewing the capabilities of Powerapps to drive business change and enhance aging processes across our enterprise. We are geographically separated and each Operating Company has distinct requirements and little cross-over.


We are being hampered in our attempts to adopt PowerApps for this due to massive gaps in capability around governance and ways to insulate Operating Companies from each other when they share the same tenant.


Buttons like the "everyone in my organisation" along with the default-checked "email everyone" option is a disaster waiting to happen for our service desks. If enabled across the board then they will inevitably have to field calls about apps shared with them users by a maker in another company that they have no use for, nor business in looking at the data they provide.


The potential for un-skilled end users to make apps in the Default Environment and share them across the tenant (which may or may not even work) is a huge risk for us. This is more frustrating as on the surface, with the environment structure that already exists, this could have been done with these capabilites in mind. Environments appears to be buckets for Apps with very little benefit as far as control while the Default Environment is so un-restricted and users drop into it from day one.


Therefore, I believe the following abilities would help drive adoption in large enterprise environments such as our own:


1. Provide options to restrict use of the Default Environment. Perhaps treat it like any other user-created enviornment and allow the modification of the Admin and Maker roles. Alternatively, if it is required for background processes then allow it to be hidden from interactive use.


2. Provide the ability to treat environments as security boundaries, possibly aligned with AAD administrative units. To allow for a more targeted "everyone in my administrative unit" effect.


3. Provide the ability to set a default environment per-user.


4. Provide an option to change the default behaviour of the email notification checkbox, or disable its use completely when sharing tenant-wide.


5. Provide the ability to disable the PowerApps link in SPO sites same as we can with Flow.

PowerApps is great for power users. But as a developer I would also like to see these features:


  • Export existing PowerApps to a JSON definition file much like an ARM template in Azure.
  • Create and update PowerApps from a JSON definition file.
  • REST API and PowerShell cmdlets for deploying and managing PowerApps in the organization.

It would make a much better developer story for testing, staging, deploying and versioning PowerApps.

Capture the whole screen

Status: New
by Super User on ‎02-26-2018 11:10 AM

I have had this request by two different customers. They want to create a PowerApps ap  where the user submits information on a form, signs the form with Pen Input, and then capture the whole form not just the signature. I believe this is for compliance reasons.


I thought since I had the request twice I would share it.



Power App DOESN'T support Repeating Section

Status: Need Info
by shrinivasJ ‎01-04-2018 09:42 PM - edited ‎01-05-2018 12:07 AM

We have developped a power app to manage "Travel Requests".

We wanted to add itineraries (flight, Train,  Bus, Hotel) to travel request which is repeating in nature.

However Power App doesn't support Repeating Sections. Is Microsoft planning to include this in Power Apps ?

If YES, tentatively by when will it be available for developers. 

I think, this is MUST & critically needed to address most of the business needs in day today life.

Will appreciate your early response on this !

Status: Need Info

Would you please take a look at this webinar? It's where we discuss how this is done in PowerApps. Please let us know if this means your requirements.




Thank you for your continued feedback and support,



Attach a file to form

Status: Started
by on ‎02-01-2017 09:56 PM

I'd like to be able to use a control like the Add Picture button, but for Files of any type.


The control would open up a file picker, I could select the file and then I can upload the same as content from Add Picture.


For example, my current need is to attach a document (doc, ppt, pdf, etc) to an Annotation to a Case in Dynamics 365.

Status: Started

If a date picker is linked to a date column in a data source that is non mandatory, you can set a date but can't then clear it again. The only way is to remove it in the SharePoint list directly.  

In tbe editor you have to copy/paste/delete and then change all the references to the item. You should be able to move a control to another screen or group more easily

Print & PDF

Status: Under Review
by Suep on ‎10-06-2017 05:05 AM

I have posted the idea of printing along with everyone else, any ETA on this feature?


My thought would solve 2 problems at once. If a PDF conversion is added, files could then be filed, printed and emailed in PDF format. 


You would make a LOT of PowerApp users very happy!



Status: Under Review

I may be leaving the company I am with soon, and I'd prefer to be able to change ownership of the application to another developer.  They have "Can Edit", but I'd just be more comfortable doing so.


The current forum recommendation is to contact support.


A UI change to the portal to allow the change of ownership, similar to Microsoft Flow's ability to add multiple owners, would be a great option.

Status: Planned
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