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PCF Control Question

Hi Team,


We have developed a PCF control for a single line of text and we use the latest PowerApps Component Framework (Version: 0.2.899.1). We do not get the WebAPI and Utility feature inside context. All values inside context of WebAPI and Utility feature are nulls. We add below lines in ControlManifest.Input.xml  but no success, we get below error while importing the solution as below:



      <uses-feature name="Utility" required="true" />

     <uses-feature name="WebAPI" required="true" />



Error: Import Solution Failed: CustomControl with name  failed to import with error: The import manifest file is invalid. XSD validation failed with the following error: 'The import manifest file is invalid. XSD validation failed with the following error: 'The element 'control' has invalid child element 'feature-usage'. List of possible elements expected: 'data-set, built-by, modes, child, type-group, common-property, property, groups, dependencies, property-dependencies, event, subscribed-functionalities, resources, AvailableOn'.'."'."


Thank You.


Re: PCF Control Question

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PowerApps Staff GregHurlmanMSFT
PowerApps Staff

Re: PCF Control Question

Sorry for this; it seems that you're caught between planned preview release updates at this point which is why you're having trouble on both ends. What I would recommend to you right now would be to re-comment out the feature-usage element tree in the manifest, and add null-handling code when checking for feature usage.

On Saturday the server-side update is scheduled to be deployed, and you'll be able to uncomment that part of the manifest and be good to import your control with those manifest changes and see proper responses from the feature use APIs going forward.