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Property 'references' in payload has a value that does not match schema.

Hello all, I'm trying to take a form submission and pump it into Planner, I want users to be able to upload documents to sharepoint using the form and that all works great, the part that doesn't seem to be working so great is taking it from sharepoint and attaching it to the planner task. I keep getting the "Property references in payload has a value that does not match schema." error. Even when I let the connection create the json for me rather than collecting all the attachments in an array and adding them all at once. 


I'm at wit's end with this one folks, I've been working on it off and on for weeks. See screen caps of the relevent bits below:





Here you can see the input that it's trying to use:


Any and all help is appreciated at this point. Thanks everyone


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Hi, I had this problem as well. I found a work around though. 


I have found that the Update Task Details action struggles to do two things in the same action. 

In your action you are adding a description and a reference link. If you separate this into two different actions, one to add a description and a second one to add the link it might work. 


Thats what worked for me anyway, I was originally trying to add a description, link and a checklist item all in the same action and kept getting the error you described. I discovered that if I separated them into separate actions they worked.

 Screenshot 2021-03-05 at 12.39.34.png


Hope that helps!

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Hey! Thanks for the reply.


That doesn't seem to have fixed the issue for me, though it did make updating the task after adding the image fails easier since I don't have to ALSO copy over the description!

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What was the solution to this?

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