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Eric Halsey

Hi Everyone!

I also arrived at PowerApps via SharePoint which I began using in the early 2000’s when it was called Digital Dashboard and before it was an actual MS product.  I worked at Microsoft as a Sr Consultant for 5 years, SharePoint Practice Manager, Director of Consulting Services for a number of Microsoft partners as well as a solopreneur for a number of years.  I spent hundreds of hours building .NET based Windows Workflow Foundation solutions and most recently brought the Nintex platform in to the large financial firm I currently work at as a SharePoint Architect.  We’ve been slow to the cloud but now we are considering moving to Office 365 and I’ve been tasked with evaluating business process automation capabilities which includes PowerApps and Flow.


I’m amazed at how far these products have come in such a short time.  I looked at them a few months back and decided they weren’t ready for our needs pretty quickly.  I’m now ready to put together some demo’s as I think they are just about there and will probably be ready when our citizen developers/power users are ready to start using them.


I have a small (one person) consulting company that I do on the side and am currently helping a small farm move to Office 365 including automating their accounts payable process.  I love helping business get business done.  My core strengths are evaluating and implementing new technology and helping business get business done.


You can find me at or on LinkedIn.

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Re: Eric Halsey

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