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Looking for guidance on some project I'm working on

I have uploaded all our PDF invoices Year by Year from our docushare server to sharepoint, Our employees can now search sharepoint for the invoices but most don't remember the Vendor ID of a company that they pourchased from. in sharepoint the file names meda data of the Field "Title" is the Vendor ID I'm wondering if Power apps can help me. the meda field "Title" contains all the Vendor ID's and I would like to some how create a new meda field called "Vendor Name" and run some kind of script to take an excel spread sheet of all the vendor ID's and Vendor Names and fill in the Vendor name field.

Could power apps do this and moving foward I would like to do this automaticly like once a month ..




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Re: Looking for guidance on some project I'm working on

Hi @gibbyhome,


You should use PnP PowerShell for that (an use a csv file instead of Excel).


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