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New to PowerApps Looking for support

Hi, I have an urgent job to build an eForm... all good in InfoPath and OOTB2010 SharePoint workflow, but I would like to convert to PowerApps and flow but have not idea where to start and the complexity of this particular form may mean it needs to stay in InfoPath.


1. The powerapp would need to retrieve the current user.

2. Support a look-up list.  There are 3 fields: Operation Name, Machine Type and Machine ID.  The Machine ID drop down list should only show IDs for the particular Operation and Machine Type entered...  a cascading style menu

3. Workflow.  The workflow needs to be established on the fly as each form will have a different review panel.  The workflow is sequential and the old OOTB workflow was perfect as the person could manually trigger the approval workflow and enter the relevant people.  They don't want a structured approval listing as people come and go to frequently.


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Re: New to PowerApps Looking for support

Hi @Brice235i,

It can be quite daugnting getting started w/ the new platform.  The solution you've described seems simple enough and although I haven't built anything similar using PA&Flow it seems I've heard about others doing so.  #2 below is a common use case and is typically referred to as a cascading drop down.  #1 and #3 should be easy enough as I'd imagine you could add a field on your form for approvers and use this as input to your Flow Approval action.  I follow a number of people/groups on Twitter who are "experts" if you can call them that this early in the game.  I'll list them below in case you are interested.  One word of caution that I share with my customers that I'll share with you.  I would consider all of the new platform version 1.0 or even version 0.9.  Some obvious stuff e.g. copy/paste, error logging, etc. is missing and makes your job more difficult.  In my experience I would expect to do a lot of web searches and workarounds so give yourself plenty of time (2x at least) to get the same thing done than you did using InfoPath and SharePoint.  There just aren't enough people using the platform in the real world to be able to knock it out like we can with the older platform.


Hope this helps and feel free to reach out to me for any other questions.


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Eric ehalsey at

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Re: New to PowerApps Looking for support

Thank you Eric. I will continue using the old platform and ask more specific questions.  For example the cascading menu....  I searched high and low and found nothing.  In InfoPath, so easy...  reference a look-up table and filter according to the values entered in the form. I will post a question specific to this question.  Thanks for your reply to this very broad question Smiley Happy

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