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Patch lookup field containing multiple items


I am trying to patch a record that has a lookup field containing multiple items.

So far I have been able to Patch one single (selected) item into the field by using the following Patch :




The problem arises when I try to change "BrowseGallery1.Selected.ID" to "BrowseGallery1.AllItems.ID"

I understand AllItems.ID is not a good solution. PowerApps sends me en arror message the looks like this (doing my best to translate a french error message...) :

"Invalid argument type. Record Value expected, but with a different schema.

Array type is not valid for ID column. Expected type is Number.

I am now searching for a way to make it work."


What would be the correct wat to patch a multiple values inside a single field of a lookup column ?

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Re: Patch lookup field containing multiple items

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