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Welcome to the Professional Connections & Networking Board!

Hey Everyone!


Welcome to the new PowerApps Professional Connections and Networking board! We are so excited to unveil this new board to help you all share opportunities as well as connect on a different level other than answering each other’s support questions.


We would love to see a few types of posts on this board, such as:


  • Networking – Share your bio and LinkedIn, be sure to state what kinds of networking opportunities you’re looking for. However, we ask that you do not share your email address on this board and/or any other contact information.
  • Help Wanted – Are you looking to hire someone to build PowerApps for you? What better place to look than the spot where all the experts share info?
  • Consulting -   Do you build beautiful PowerApps that everyone would want? Are you looking to showcase your talents and find clientele? Post here and let everyone know!


Basically, if it has to do with working with PowerApps or connecting with others who work with PowerApps, THIS is your place! As always, be sure to adhere to our community guidelines.


Looking forward to seeing all of the new opportunities that grow out of this board! Happy PowerApping! Smiley Happy