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is feasible to add a person to a group from a trigger?

i have a form to bring access to some tools and websites to my users,  i want some way to add them to a group of yammer...  is feasible? 

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Re: is feasible to add a person to a group from a trigger?


If I understand correctly, you want a trigger action to automatically add a person to a group in Yammer. This sounds like a job for Flow Smiley Happy


In Flow, you can start with the trigger that when a new response is submitted to a form, it will run the subsequent actions.flow - form trigger.png



Your next action would be to add the user to the Yammer group.


At the moment, Yammer has a connector to PowerApps and Flow, but it doesn't have the create user action out of the box. You can make the action yourself by using the Yammer REST API:


If you're new to REST APIs, @ThatAPIGuy has the videos that walk through examples of them (I learned from him).

Here's one example, but you can check out the rest of his channel:


Let me know how far you get.


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