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Add PVA as skill to exiting MS bot framework bot

Earlier it was an article published on how to use dispatch tool to connect to PVA bot to exiting MS bot framework bot. But the article has been removed why? Will in be possible to have PVA bots as child bots (Skills) to an MS framework bot? As a parent child architecture.

The old link:

@Anonymous - With the introduction of Skills, existing bot framework bots can be converted into Skills and embedded into dialogs. The supported way to call a PVA bot from within a MS framework bot is through DirectLine. See more here,




Are there other scenarios you are looking to support that require the dispatcher model?

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@pawan-msft the scenario I´m looking for is to build an eco system of PVA bots that are connected to an main parent bot build on MS bot framework that the channels is connected to.


The PVA bots will be acting as "skills" to the main bot. To be able to achieve this the main bot need to be able to have the utterance and topics from all the PVA bots to dispatch to the correct PVA bot. this is where the dispatch model comes in.


This scenario will be good in an large organisation where individual teams can build there on PVA bots and have it connected to the main bot for an large audience. The scenario will also give the an "smarter" main bot for each PVA bot added as a "skill" for to the main bot.


Is this supported? 

here is an snippet from the earlier published article the scenario, that got removed.


"Train the dispatcher custom model with your Power Virtual Agents topics
Train and recreate the dispatcher app and add your exported topics and utterances with your existing Cognitive Service
intents (eg. LUIS and/or QnA maker) using the Dispatch tool. For more information, follow the guidance in the dispatch
tool tutorial."

Looks like we can Call PVA bot from regular BF v4 bot using Direct line. 

@Anonymous - I understand your scenario. There are plans to support such scenarios using out-of-box application lifecycle management capabilities. However, until such capability is there you can leverage the dispatcher model to train the "parent" bot with intents in your PVA bot.


We've brought back the article that documents the steps. Let me know if you need further assistance.




Thank you,


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Thanks for the answer @pawan-msft.
Do you know when such a capability will be in place?

Hi, could you please share the exact steps in converting an existing bot to a skill.

Helper V
Helper V

In this file, you just have to add like this:

"MicrosoftAppId": "<your app Id>",
"MicrosoftAppPassword": "<your app password>",
"AllowedCallers": [
"<your PVA ID>"
Your PVA ID for allow list can be found.

Is there any official step by step document on how to connected BF skill to PVA? Any known limitations, issues etc?

@rohitjadhav123 - I understand you're looking for step-by-step guidance to build a Skill to later integrate with PVA. We don't have anything such as that, so advise you to follow the following guidance that provides a step-by-step to building a Skill (for PVA and/or Virtual Assistant).




Each sample skill (Calendar, Email, etc.) contains a version of the manifest that works with PVA (see Calendar skill manifest).


Hope that helps.



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