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Can't connect my PVA to the Skill

Hi folks


I created a skill using Bot Framework 4.7 SDK with the manifest 2.0. When I try to connect to my skill with Bot Framework bot, it works very well. However, upon connecting it with PVA, it gives me an error (which is super unfriendly).



Environment / Tenant Setup


It's a trial environment with PVA and the same tenant is also has a trial for Azure to create the Bot registration process.


P.S Also, please note that the Bot Framework Bot I tried with Skill was on a different tenant and even then it was working fine.


Accepted Solutions

Okay folks! I managed to get my skill up and running. Thanks to all the support by the PVA team!

If you want to learn how I did this then here's the recipe:

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@Arafat - Great job on developing the latest version of Skills. We're on the heels of deploying the latest Bot Fx. SDK (4.7) next week. Expect all regions to be deployed by Jan 24th.

+1 on errors - I think they could be a bit more helpful so that they are more actionable. We'll take a work item to improve them.


Thanks Pawan! Looking forward to the updates.

I'm trying to work my way through the tutorials

But PVA doesn't seem to like my manifest ("The manifest is incompatible. Contact your skill developer.") I believe all the required fields are present in the manifest and indeed it is as generated using the steps in the tutorial, you can see it below as there's nothing sensitive -


Grateful for any guidance.



Hi Jamie

You're probably using an older version of manifest and I think that's the reason of not working.

I'll try tonight to see if I can get my sample working on the new manifest and will update you with that.

Hi @pawan-msft 


Not sure if  the changes are available yet in Australia but I get this response (response.PNG).

How am I testing my skill with on Bot v4.7? I have created a Channel Registration in Azure for Skill but I am using ngrok as I have not hosted the skill anywhere yet. It works like a charm with the v4.7 bot!


I have also attached ngrok.PNG and this output is received as I attempted to connect my PVA with Skill from the Skill console of PVA. 

Looking forward to learn more about the issue. 



I'm facing the same error as @sayertherebel...We have promised our clients for a demo next week on PVA with skills. Eagerly looking forward for a resolution.

It is great to see so much interest in building Skills. With Skills, there is no limit to what you can make your bots do. 


If you're experiencing issues in upgrading your Skills to work with Power Virtual Agents and have followed guidance published to upgrade your existing Skills ( or create new Skills (, please reach out by sending an email to and include your manifest URL so that we can troubleshoot together.


Thank you.

Okay folks! I managed to get my skill up and running. Thanks to all the support by the PVA team!

If you want to learn how I did this then here's the recipe:

@ArafatTehsin- I'm still not able to fix it. The EchoBot skill template does not expose a skill manifest url. How do we feed this url into PVA if it's not exposed?

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