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Can't connect my PVA to the Skill

Hi folks


I created a skill using Bot Framework 4.7 SDK with the manifest 2.0. When I try to connect to my skill with Bot Framework bot, it works very well. However, upon connecting it with PVA, it gives me an error (which is super unfriendly).



Environment / Tenant Setup


It's a trial environment with PVA and the same tenant is also has a trial for Azure to create the Bot registration process.


P.S Also, please note that the Bot Framework Bot I tried with Skill was on a different tenant and even then it was working fine.


Sure. Can you please tell me how are you accessing the manifest URL? It must be there in wwwroot folder let's say if you're running on localhost then your URL should be https://localhost:3978/manifest/<yourmanifest.json>

3978 can be any number depending upon your bot's build configuration.

Thanks. I kind of fixed it. I'm trying to develop a new skill now and hitting somewhat a similar problem. I get the following error:


"The manifest is incompatible."


Tried to follow the steps in your article but still no success.

If you don't mind sharing your manifest with me then I hope I'd be able to help you out. In addition to this as Pawan mentioned above, you can also share the same with Microsoft on 


Happy to look into your issue. 

Sure. Here you go...



  "$schema": "",

  "$id": "MWSkill",

  "name": "MWSkill",

  "description": "Sample Skill description",

  "publisherName": "Your Company",

  "version": "1.0",

  "iconUrl": "",

  "copyright": "Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.",

  "license": "",

  "privacyUrl": "",

  "tags": [




  "endpoints": [


      "name": "production",

      "protocol": "BotFrameworkV3",

      "description": "Production endpoint for the Sample Skill",

      "endpointUrl": "https://{our url}/api/messages",

      "msAppId": "our app id"



  "activities": {

    "sampleAction": {

      "description": "Sample action which accepts an input object and returns an object back.",

      "type": "event",

      "name": "SampleAction",

      "value": {

        "$ref": "#/definitions/inputObject"


      "resultValue": {

        "$ref": "#/definitions/responseObject"



    "message": {

      "type": "message",

      "description": "Receives the users utterance and attempts to resolve it using the skill's LU models"



  "definitions": {

    "inputObject": {

      "type": "object",

      "properties": {

        "name": {

          "type": "string",

          "description": "The users name."




    "responseObject": {

      "type": "object",

      "properties": {

        "customerId": {

          "type": "integer",

          "description": "A customer identifier."







Thanks! I will check this on my end and will let you know then. 

Hi @csnarain it seems the you need to fill up all the information in your skill (incl. your privacy and icon URL etc.). 


I am sure your issue must have been resolved by now.  

Actually I tried filling them up all but still getting the same behavior. I posted the same question to the PVA support group and they asked me to remove all unwanted parameters from the manifest file. I'm going to give it a try and will let you know.

The issue is still not resolved even after following the instructions from pawan....Not sure what it's looking for in the backend for it to be incompatible. It's frustrating....

We definitely need to improve our Skill registration flow to expose errors in a usable way that enables you to self-serve such issues. Until then, please find attached zip file containing sample Skill manifests that will work with PVA.


  • PVA_Skill_Manifest_min.json - Contains only the required properties that PVA needs to register a Skill
  • PVA_Skill_Manifest_max.json - Contains all supported properties that PVA needs to register a Skill

We're working with Bot Framework team to improve documentation to building a new Skill that is PVA compatible out of the box. As of this morning, all Skills provided in the Bot Framework Solutions repo contains a version of the manifest file that is compatible with PVA, so adding a Calendar Skill should become easier too.


Hopefully these documentation updates help all those looking to extend their PVA bots with Bot Framework Skills.

Thank you @pawan-msft and the team for this. I am sure this is going to become more helpful for developers who're trying to build skills. 

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