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Can't connect my PVA to the Skill

Hi folks


I created a skill using Bot Framework 4.7 SDK with the manifest 2.0. When I try to connect to my skill with Bot Framework bot, it works very well. However, upon connecting it with PVA, it gives me an error (which is super unfriendly).



Environment / Tenant Setup


It's a trial environment with PVA and the same tenant is also has a trial for Azure to create the Bot registration process.


P.S Also, please note that the Bot Framework Bot I tried with Skill was on a different tenant and even then it was working fine.

New Member


I am a new Virtual Assistant. And love to learn and explore more. Thanks for posting.

I am also looking for a Client to help and manage.

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Thank you.




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@csnarain was this calendar skill hosted locally when you got this working?

New Member

Hi There,


I have an issue which is very much related to this but not quite the same.  I have a skill that works fine in the latest version of Composer as well as directly in Azure when you test with the test feature.

I have created a skill manifest and this adds and validates perfectly fine in my PVA.  However, when I add it as an action and test it, I get aa default error message 'Sorry I didnt understand that'




I have added the botid to the allowed list of my skill bots appsettings as per below

"skills": {
"allowedCallers": [

I dont seem to get any error messages or anything meaningful which explains why the bot is not invoking correclty.  It takes 3 non-required parameters which aren't needed to fire up the bot as per below manifest 

Any help would be greatly appreciated

  "$schema": "",
  "$id": "ParkingMax",
  "name": "Parking Max",
  "version": "1.0",
  "publisherName": "Microsoft",
  "endpoints": [
      "name": "default",
      "protocol": "BotFrameworkV3",
      "description": "Default endpoint for the skill",
      "endpointUrl": "",
      "msAppId": "170c9cdd-9e3f-4e52-b511-8b47f592a86f"
  "activities": {
    "message": {
      "type": "message",
      "description": "Parking Max",
      "value": {
        "$ref": "#/definitions/initValues"
  "definitions": {
    "initValues": {
      "type": "object",
      "required": [
      "properties": {
          "clientid": {
              "type": "string",
              "description": "160"
          "module": {
              "type": "string",
              "description": "ParkingMax"
          "domain": {
              "type": "string",
              "description": ""

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