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PVA bot is slow to greet on Teams Channel



There are two parts to my question.

  1. Bot is slow to respond to Greetings: We've a bot created on PVA for Teams. For some strange reason, when the user greets the bot, the bot responds really slow. It almost takes 11-13 seconds just to greet the user. There are no power automate flows that're being executed before the bot greets the user. I've designed the conversation for the bot to greet the user first and then collect any further details about them. The remaining topics on the bot do not take this much time even though flows are involved. They're pretty fast. I spoke to a couple of colleagues who work on bots using Bot Framework in C# and Python. They too have noticed something similar. Teams channel is a bit slow to respond for the greetings and the remaining interactions for any other topic seem to be fast. Any particular reason for this ? The web chat seems to be faster than Teams. Also, when the user first adds the bot, the initial greetings are faster comparatively (takes 5-6 seconds). Attached is a screenshot of how my Greetings flow looks.


  2. Billed session after activating the Premium license for PVA: Keeping this in mind, we wanted to try out WebChat...but this means going for a premium license. Will the 2000 session quota that we've for paid option apply to the session on Teams channel as well or will the billed session be just counted for the Web Channel.vijay16_1-1644905421969.png

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