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Creating incidents in ServiceNow using Shared Mailboxes and MS Flow with attachments

Hi all - in case anyone is attempting something similar, wanted to give a quick overview of something we've just prototyped, including the bugs/quirks we ran into.   Note: Some SN jargon included here but its basic SN stuff.


Requirements - be able to generate incidents in ServiceNow via email.

  • Short Description = Subject
  • Description = Body
  • Include Attachments
  • Assign to group based on mailbox

Quirks/Bugs - 

  • MS Flow - [Attachment Content] is in base64 so this needs to be converted to Binary to make the attachment usable.  We used "@{base64ToBinary(items('Apply_to_each')?['ContentBytes'])}" - This was by far the most time consuming part for us to troubleshoot and find a remedy.
  • In ServiceNow you have to create the incident then add attachments.  Not super difficult but it requires two API calls and you have to return the sys_id from the creation of the incident.
  • MS Flow - we originally built the process from scratch instead of a template, but the attachment content kept coming back blank.  After a little research we figured out it some sort of Flow bug, but starting with the shared email to sharepoint template fixed it.
  • MS Flow - the body of the email has <html>, we stripped that with the "HTML to Text" action


Overview - 


Detail of Second API Call for attachment

HTTP - Contents.PNG

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