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Post my new blog article to my Facebook page

This an extract/copy of a recent article I posted on my blog

It's a nice way to automate posting a notification on Facebook about a new article I posted on my blog.

Receiving such a notification this morning, reminded me how 'sweet' this is and figured it would be a nice thing to come and share it here, like I did for another recipe recently. I hope you enjoy and it's useful!


Post my new blog article to my Facebook page

How painful it has been to implement a Flow to do this!

Version française de cet article disponible ici

The scope

I know, I know... there are tools out there that exist to this kind of "I publish once on a social media platform, make sure it gets propagated to all other ones I'm connected to"... but a) I'm cheap and lazy so I don't want to dig the net to find which one of those tools works well plus pay for it and b) I'm in all this #PowerAddicts vibe, so why not just build a Microsoft Flow to do this?

Should be easy, there even seems to be a template for this! NOT!!!

Using the template - Why not?

If you're like me, you've setup a Facebook page (yes you can go and subscribe / like it) that is different than your private / personal profile page.

Well, if you use that template, you'll be using a deprecated action.. so for me, it's not a viable option to build on such ground.

So I looked into the Facebook connector and noticed the action just below that allows to "Post to page"... Eureka! Let's modify the flow and use this action instead. Should be easy and pretty straightforward! NOT!!!

Post to page (V2) - Why not?

I go about and build my flow with this action, going through the details of how to find that Page ID when it actually is a name.
Got it, nice! Let's test this Flow...

After about an hour wait time (the frequency/delay that the Blogger connector uses to poll), I end up getting errors on my Flow runs where it uses this action.

Let's investigate, look at the error, google it out etc.. all to learn that Facebook has cut down on ease of integration with third party APIs (think Cambridge Analytica here) and that when you try to use that action, you get a permission error. Arghhhhhh!!!!


(#200) If posting to a group, requires app being installed in the group, and \
          either publish_to_groups permission with user token, or both manage_pages \
          and publish_pages permission with page token; If posting to a page, \
          requires both manage_pages and publish_pages as an admin with \
          sufficient administrative permission


Custom Connector (My first ever!)

After a bit of research I stumbled onto a awesome Post including a Youtube video walkthrough from Daniel Christian, MVP, describing how to resolve this issue, building a custom connector. OK, why not go at it 🙂
Here's (my) recap of those steps:
Log into Facebook's developer page and add a new app for the Flow
Add the Facebook Login product
Get the App ID and App Secret - to use in the connector configuration
In the Flow Portal, Create a Custom Connector
Import an OpenAPI file (obtained from GitHub)
Save the text from GitHub to the file that we browse to
Provide general info about the connector
Tried to save.. error - this is where/when you need to paste the AppID and Secret in the security tab of the Connector (Client ID and Client Secret), then hit 'Create Connector' and it will work!
Copy the Redirect URL that is generated once the connector is created
Go back to Facebook Developer page and paste the URL in the OAuth Settings
Was pretty smooth and straightforward, good job Daniel! I now have my first ever custom connector built, thanks 🙂

Flow details

Now that I have the custom connector that works for posting to my Facebook page, let's go through all the details and its structure.

The trigger "Blogger - When a post is created" is polling the blog page for new live posts. Take note that the polling frequency is once every hours and that it seems to max out after 5 runs.. this should really be enhanced, otherwise, I will have to write my second custom connector 🙂


My first action is to generate a URL, making the posts nicer and allows to track analytics on people accessing the post.

Second action for me is to detect the language of the post and allow me to adapt how I will write the notification on my Facebook page.

I'm fluent in French and English... but if ever the Translator connector doesn't detect one of those 2 languages I want to error out and be notified via email so I can go and investigate further.
Here's the email I received when posting an article in Spanish (take note that this version was before I included the connector)
Once the language has been validated, the first step with the custom connector is to get the Page Access Token to apply in the action where we'll post to that page.
Based on the language, I post to the page with the right message and email notification.

Summary / Status

Once all the integration hurdles are behind, the overall process works well and the posting to my Facebook page is there
I also get the email notifications, so my Flow does exactly the job it's supposed to accomplish.
But, the Blogger connector is not so great.. seems limited to 5 runs a day and polls only once per hour, not so great! Add to this, the fact that often the errors are not so clear!
Lastly, the custom connector doesn't provide the link to the page posting which I was able to include in my email notification if/when using the official connector 😞

Recap / Overview of the Flow



Re: Post my new blog article to my Facebook page

Hey, @ZePowerDiver!

Thanks so much for sharing this Flow Recipe! 😁👍🏼

Please feel free to come back and share your Flow recipes ANYTIME! 


Happy Flowing! 



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