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Get Power BI data and send in chat

Hey everyone, 

We have a nice dashboard in Power BI. I'd like to create a bot you where you can ask "Sales last month", and then it reports the "Sales last month" from the Power BI it's hooked up to. 

I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around if this is even possible? Any alternatives? 

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Just to clarify your requirement.


Is it sufficient to send a link of the Power BI report or do you want to include a chart in the chat window of the chat bot?

Hi @Expiscornovus thanks for taking the time to answer. If it's possible I'd like to include a graph, but a simple "Count" of something would be nice. Any content from the Power BI dashboard actually. 

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One approach could be to use a flow to export the reports as an png and show it via markdown. But as far as I am aware that does require a pro licence. I don't know if you are allowed to use that feature in your Power BI workspace/environment?


Below is an example of such an approach.


Bot setup




Flow setup



@Expiscornovus thats a Power BI pro license right? 

We do have that 😉 This is awesome! Thanks gonna go ahead and test. 

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Yes, I was talking about the Power BI pro license 🙂

Alright I’ve tried for 4+ hours now and it seems I’m not getting closer. 

if you have the time would you mind sharing what you have under each specific flow in Power Automate? Compared to your skills in there I seem embarrassingly poor at it.

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1. Initialize variable. Using that later for the markdown image link.




2. This is part of the setup of the Export To File action. In this one you can configure a lot. And like mentioned earlier this action also depends on configuration and licensing on the Power BI side of things.




3. Create file action. This creates a file on OneDrive with the File Content of the previous action.




4. Returning the link of the created OneDrive file in markdown format to the agent. I am using expression where I concatenate the OneDrive variable with the Name of the Create file action.


Which should be valid url for the chatbot to embed it as an image. I wrap it in a Image markdown tag ![Image](linktoimage)


concat(variables('OneDriveUrl'), outputs('Create_file')?['body/Name'])



Good day, 

Could you please elaborate on the steps? Also what is meant by markdown format/image? 

Also if you can give clarity on this step?


I only have these options on the Flow Setup:


Thank you

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