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Start over doesn't work if a question has been asked

The start over option works fine to reset back to the greeting but doesn't work if the user types this immediately after the bot asks asked an "entire user's response" question.


Example. If the bot asks What is your favourite colour? and the user types start over then the bot will save the response to this question start over as the variable and continue the flow to the next question in the topic. Where in my opinion it should get out of the topic and restart back to the greeting system topic.


Is this happening for anyone else?

Super User
Super User

Hi @BlueKangaroo,


Even the phrase 'start over' is treated as a valid response and like you mentioned will be stored in that variable.


However, you can probably workaround this by adding a condition and check for that value of that variable. If it equals start over you can redirect the user to the start over or any other topic within your bot.



Happy to help out! 🙂

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I'm having this same issue as well and came across this thread while searching for an answer.


Is there any other way to have "start over" or the other default related trigger phrases work within whole text user input fields?


Having to add a condition check/redirect into every question in a topic across multiple topics really isn't scalable.


By default the system should really respond to those reserved phrases no matter where they're entered. A toggle option could perhaps be provided to prevent the system from doing so on a topic or input level for the edge case where you absolutely don't want this to happen.

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