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Error "ASE:Connection ... is not allowed to access connection..."

Any suggestions how to fix/workaround this problem?


Steps to repro:

  • Login to MS-Flow using my corporate account (in Office 365)
  • Choose Flow template "Send an email to yourself to create Visual Studio bugs"
  • Don't make any changes to step "When a new email arrives" (use default values)"
  • Configure "Create new work item" to create a new bug in my VSTS Project & collection
  • Send email to my account


  • Step fails, with error mesage "ASE:Connection ... [snip]... is not allowed to access connection ... [snip]... ". See screenshot below.

2016-11-04 15_13_36-Manage your flows _ Microsoft Flow - Internet Explorer.png






















Also observed:

  • In step "When a new email arrives", if I change the "To" field to specify my email account (eg: instead of leaving it blank (the default setting) the step still fails, with a slightly different error:
    "Error from ASE: Connection 'msmanaged-na/office365/shared-office...[snip]... not found."
  • 2016-11-04 15_29_23-Manage your flows _ Microsoft Flow - Internet Explorer.png



Also attempted:

  • sent email from my corporate account in Outlook 2016 thick client, OWA client, and from my personal gmail account. I verifired that all emails received OK in my corporate account, but no actions triggered from this MS-Flow.







Accepted Solutions

Actually, it is fixed now. Can you retry?

View solution in original post

Power Automate
Power Automate



Can you please share out the email id that you used to sign up ? Are you using environments? Canada is not a supported geo at this time, your sreenshots shows you creating in Canda - unclear how you landed there.



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RE: email addr:  I prefer to keep it confidential and awy from spammers. Is there some other way to provide it to you?


RE: Environments:  I don't fully understand what you mean. I didn't create anything outside of the "Steps to Repro".

After some searching... is this what you mean?

2016-11-05 10_48_17-Microsoft Flow Admin Center.png


RE: Canada

My company and me are located in Canada.  Can you provide info source to support your claim of "not supported yet" ?  This would help to support my research results to my boss.


I found this content:

Question: What regions are available?

The following regions are available, or will be available:

  • United States
  • ... snip...
  • United States (First Release) (available after General Availability (GA))
  • Canada (available after General Availability (GA))



  • Can you explain why me being in Canada makes any difference?  I'm creating a Flow from  emails in Office365 account to create bug in VSTS.  My perception is that all components are hosted by Microsoft, so not sure why me being in Canada matters.
  • Would creating an "environment" in US work, to create VSTS bugs from email received in our O365 accounts? 
    I admit I just tried the default steps ("click here, and it just works"). Are there more detailed instructions available, that would work for us?
  • Would Flow be available to us in "Preview", until GA release?
  • When is GA release?


I'm grateful for any help you can offer.



You can send me a private message with your id so I can look this up. correctly states that Canada is only available after GA. However all canda requests should be routed to the US. In your case, it seems to be directly going to canda. I'll have someone investigate this with high priority.




@Anonymous : Can you give us the flow id to help us debug better ? It can be found in the browser URL when the flow is opened

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@AnubhavAgg  Here is the url, when I "Manage this Flow":


Does that help?


@RajRa: Sorry, I have no idea how to IM you.  Using what app, what ID?  I viewed your "About RajRa" page, and I don't see any links that allow me to communicate with you directly.   Can you get the info you need, from the Flow ID I provided to @AnubhavAgg ?



We've identified an issue on our side related to your issue. We are working to roll out a fix. I will update this thread when it is rolled out.


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Excellent:  I'm looking forward to trying out this flow. 


Started trying out Flows and I run into the same issue, interested in knowing when it will be fixed.


Is there a feature planned to use Sharepoint information as "Dynamic content", like Created/Modified By, user Groups and of the sort?


For it being in GA looks extremely restricted to what people were used to do with designer workflows.

We are still adressing it sorry.


We are constantly evaluating additional features. Can you let me know more specifics of what you are looking for?

Actually, it is fixed now. Can you retry?

When creating workflows normally you don't want to send the email to 1 person in particular but you want to send it to the "Administration group" or to "Dpt Manager". I can't seem to fill the "to:" with a group, nor "cc:" who created/modified the item/file.


Now I'm getting an error of the sorts: The caller with object id 'x' does not have permission for connection 'x' under Api 'shared_logicflows' (I'm an admin).

Can you recreate the flow from scratch? Including deleteing the connections and starting fresh?



Now it's working, had to like you said, create a new one.

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@RajRa  I deleted the old flow, created a new one: its working correctly now.  Thanks!

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