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Excel List Rows Throttled due to Action Limit

I have a flow that is being throttled almost daily due to action limits. When I click the "Learn more about the connector's throttling limits" link in the "Error Details" section, the page it takes me to states that the limit for Excel Online (Business) is 100 Calls with a Renewal Period of 60 secs. I don't understand how my List Rows action that is pulling from a table of less than 10 rows could possibly be hitting a 100 call limit.

  • What counts as a single call?
  • How many calls would a List Rows action need for a table of less than 10 rows?
  • Is the 100 call limit per 60 secs, per day, or what?
  • If not per 60 secs what is this 60 sec "Renewal Period" mentioned in Microsoft's linked documentation?

Background: This is a reoccurring Flow that runs every 30 mins from 8am to 6:30pm. It compares the current time with a column of meeting end times in an excel table. If the meeting end time is equal to 1hr prior to the current time an email reminder is sent based off a name found in another column of the same table. A screenshot of the flow is below showing the 429 error on the List Rows action.




EDIT: I have a separate flow that also uses a List Rows action, but the table that action connects to does have A LOT of rows (over 1,500). Does the number of rows in a connected table affect the number of Calls the List Rows action requires? From what I can tell Action Limits are per user, not per Flow, so I'm wondering if this table could be what's causing the 429 error (throttling).


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List rows will consume one call/action per 5000 records it pulls.


But if you have multiple Excel actions creating, reading, updating, & deleting on the same connection across multiple flows, then it could be another flow’s excel actions are consuming all those units.


For a simple fix try clicking the 3 dots on the List rows action & create a new Excel connection just for this action.

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