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Execute Stored procedure with On-Premises Gateway server

Im trying to execute a stored procedure using powerapps, the source of the app is an on premesis server. I saw in the past that it was not possible to run an on-prem stored proc via Flow. Is this possible now? If not, has anyone heard of a time as to when this may be available?




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Power Automate
Power Automate

Stored procedures are currently not supported with connections going through on-premises gateway. 

Support for this is coming by end of the year. 

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Power Automate
Power Automate

Stored procedures are currently not supported with connections going through on-premises gateway. 

Support for this is coming by end of the year. 

Dear Flow Team, 

Any news on executing stored procedure with On-Premises Gateway server ? 

I see from the previous posts plans were made to make this feature available by now. No pressure 🙂 just checking if  there is an ETA for that ? 

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Like many others that are viewing this thread, I registered to post just so I could say that I too am waiting for a solution to Execute a Stored Procedure by way of the On-Premise Gateway server.  Can anyone provide an updated ETA or a possible workaround?  I wanted to create a simple PowerAPP that would connected to my on-premise SQL server and run a simple stored procedure. However, I've only been able to create a PowerAPP that will browse my db tables (and their rows).... Cool, but not exactly useful.  Any information on executing a stored procedure would be appreciated.  Thanks for reading.

Power Automate
Power Automate

Hi all, a quick update. We have released the ability to run stored procedures via on-premises gateway servers.

Please note that this feature is in Preview.




Could you provide an example of this, please?

Any more updates on this topic? Are there any examples how to use the feature directly from PowerApps, not going via Flow?

Anyone have any updates on the status of this ?

Was original due out in 2016.


If its in Preview mode how do we access the on premise preview version ?


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I'm not able to connect to the stored procedures on Prem. Can someone provide details as to how it can be done?

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Is there any update?  Is this available now?


Thank you

Getting -  "Gateway GetPassThroughNativeQueryMetadataAsync - this operation (Get Native Sql Metadata) is currently not supported using an on-prem gateway connection clientRequestid: F8CBC37B-2699-4873-8909-8869C84F7A4A.



Any luck with this?
I am getting the same when trying to create a flow to execute a SQL query, but it doesn`t seem to like the onprem gateway.

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Advocate II

Still looking for this functionality

Advocate I
Advocate I


Flow now does support Stored Procedure calls over On-Premises Data Gateways. Here are the steps to enable it:


  1. In Flow, from the Execute stored procedure (V2) step, select the ellipsis menu, top right.
  2. At the bottom of the context menu, select + Add new connection.
  3. In the Authentication Type drop-down, select either SQL Server Authentication or Windows Authentication to reveal the Gateway options.


Hope it helps.


- Kaine

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