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Flow with Excel and SQL - delete all rrows in table and insert excel for business Excel table values

I have a spreadsheet in a O365 group document library.


Every day aat 3am I want to dump contents of the SQL table and rebuild from Excel table. 

How do I delete all the records in an existing SQL table and iterate thru the rows of an excel table  in an excel file we store in a groups documnt library, and simply insert those rows to the table?


I cannot find 1 example of this online?  Anyone out there done this.


Im playing with Excel List all rows and then Apply To Each/ Get Rows in SQL Action.  But I am not ssure howw to configure and use.  It runs but just spins forever.


Im new to flow but work with SSIS and SQL all the time.  Its just a pain to work with Sharepoint group files from SSIS so I am experimenting with FLow.  I like the tool but Im suprised that I cant find examples of this?





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I cropped in a simple flow that works..


Using 'Excel - List Rows' and 'SQL - Inset Row' (with Apply To Each Selected).  I can get my data added.  I had to use a dateadd workaround to get EXCEL Integer value dates which were being seen as text to come in as 'datetime' to SQL.


All thats left is 'How do I delete' records from a SQL Table.  Delete Row doesnt see the Group Document library as a source?










Flow-Excel to SQL.png


Hi @jueberro,


The screenshot of the flow should as below:



Best regards,


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Hello, @jueberro!

Thank you for posting on the Flow Community Forum! Have you had an opportunity to apply @v-yuazh-msft‘s recommendation to adapt your Flow? If yes, and you find that solution to be satisfactory, please go ahead and click “Accept as Solution” so that this thread will be marked for other users to easily identify!

Thank you for being an active member of the Flow Community!

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Hey, I am working in similar scenario but i am facing some error. I have to delete all rows in the sql but i dont know what to fill for the *Row id. 


I have herewith attached a screenshot of it.





Hi, not sure if you are still looking for this. But, just for completeness and to help out others having the same issue...


the Row id value should be whatever your PRIMARY KEY is on the table.

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