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Advocate III
Advocate III

HTTP connector with Basic authentication bug

Here is the screenshot before running the flow showing the full config of the built-in HTTP connector (no swagger):



and here is the screenshot of the result of the flow run:



As you can see:  the HTTP connector is set up to send a POST to an API using Basic authentication.  However, it fails in Power Automate but not in Postman, and the error message explicitly refers to oauth.v2 EVEN THOUGH I specified Basic auth! 

Of course it is going to fail if it tries to authenticate against oauth.v2 when the server does not speak oauth.v2!


Q1:  Why does this happen? Is it a connector bug when using Basic auth, ie it always defaults to oauth.v2 no matter what?


Q2:  Or am I missing something?  I did test the same connector but with a GET request against the data endpoint, plugging in the token and auth cookie from Postman, and that worked, returning exactly the same result I got in Postman.  So why am I unable to get an access-token with Basic auth???  😠😠😠 getting seriously aggravated on this

Advocate III
Advocate III

FYI this curl works as intended. So what is the HTTP connector doing under the covers???

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