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How to call 'Logic Flows' from Microsoft Flow ?

Hi, Is there any documentation that I can refer to ? I am trying to trigger a 'Logic App' from Microsoft Flow. While setting up a connection there are different parameters of logic app that needs to be filled in. For eg, LOGIC APP ENDPOINT, LOGIC APP PATH, LOGIC APP UNIQUE IDENTIFIER, LOGIC APP AUTHORIZATION, LOGIC APP CALLBACK URI, LOGIC FLOW CONNECTIONS. If I have a an http trigger in my logic app, I can get the callback uri (end point) from management portal, but what about other parameters ? Regards, Sajith C P

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Hi Sajith


What connector are you trying to use? If you have access to your Logic Flow (technically called logic app) - then you can get the callbackUri for the logic app and use the HTTP action card to call the callback URI and trigger the Logic app to run from Microsoft flow. Let me know if that helps.




Hi Raj, I am trying to use out of the box connector/action 'Logic Flows' in flow designer. I am aware of using Http to call the logic app callback uri. But i would like to understand the usage of the connector 'Logic Flows' For eg, I would like to use the action 'Logic Flows - Workflow_Get' . This is used to get a workflow as per the information provided in the designer. If i select that then it asks to fill the following parameters before it can create a connection, Connection Name* - I can provide any name here Logic App Endpoint* - What would this be ? Is this the complete endpoint of Logic App having an http receive trigger which also included the SAS signature ? Logic App Path* - What is this ? Logic App Name* - I can provide the logic app name here Logic App Unique Identifier* - What is this ? Logic App Authorization* - What is this ? Logic App Callback Uri - What is this ? Logic Flow Connections - What is this ? Star denotes mandatory parameters. Please help with each of the above parameters ? Regards, Sajith C P

Hi Sajith,


The "Logic flows" connector is internal and should not have been visible and is not supported. I will be removing this shortly.


* on a parameter denotes a required field - you must fill it for the flow to be saved.


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