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Advocate II

How to share Connection References with other Administrators / Customizers

In our organization there are several customizers and system administrators who create, update deploy flows. We have an unmanaged development system where we export managed solutions to TEST and PROD.


Within a solution (patch) I created a flow with multiple connection references (Dataverse, Service Bus, SQL Server). Flows and connection references are within the solution (patch). So I am the owner of the connections and connection references.


When my colleague creates a new flow from within the solution (patch), she can not see and not use the connection references that I created. Even worse: When she exports the solution and imports to the TEST environment, she can not pick already existing connections, but has to create new ones.


I was not able to find anything on multiple users in official documentation. Do we need to create new connections on every environment (dev, test, prod) for every user? I wonder if this is a smart approach. Any inputs welcome.







Community Support
Community Support


in each environment you delopy solution need to create connection reference on that environment 

Have a good day.

@kierian Thanks for your response, but that was not really an answer to my question. Connection references exist on every environment, but only I can see them, my colleagues can not see them.


So I am the only one that can deploy flow, but also my colleagues want to deploy flows (if I am out of office for example)

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Would like to add to this support for the use of service accounts.  We have a similar setup where multiple developers work together to develop solutions include PowerAutomate Flows.  These Flows are then promoted from dev to CI, QA and PROD using Azure DevOps tools.  The connection from ADO to PowerPlatform uses a service account.  We also use service accounts for Flow connections to other systems (Dataverse, etc).

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Has this question been answered yet?  I too have this issue of wanting multiple developers to be able to access solution connection references I have defined using a service account.

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