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Power Automate

Interested in a OneNote connector?

We're actively building a connector for OneNote and would appreciate your feedback. Please direct message me for more information!

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Sounds intersting - is One Note the source or destination for the flow? i.e. does it respond to activity in One Note or write to One Note in response to other actions?


The latter would likely be of most interest to me.

Both ways would be of interest to me.  Being able to make notes in onenote that sync to other products would be good but so would using Onenote as an agregation point for notes in lots of other places.  That would probably require an ability to create sections tags etc.


Actually also automation of Onenote internals might be good too.  i.e. If a note is created in "Meetings General" that contains the word "Finance" move it to "Finance meetings" etc....  So many possibilities  🙂

Advocate II
Advocate II

Well, for me in a first version it would be helpful to get basic CRUD features to OneNote like adding sections & pages, adding content to pages, tags would also be very helpful.


In the further development, the other way round from OneNote is also very helpful. Changing or adding some "elements" in OneNote should trigger something in other applications, such as generating a .docx from the content in sample pages and so on.

New Member

It´s possible to try it out? I´m iterresting about OneNote Flow for using in classroom. 


YES !!! following functionality would be awesome: read the information (text, pictures, attachments) from a OneNote Page and publish it in a Website (or SharePoint Webcast)


Important would be to be able to select the OneNote File, the Section Group, the Section and the page


How about 


If new checkbox in Onenote make task in wunderlist with title equal to related sentence and linked to onenote note. 



Regular Visitor

I would be very interested in a OneNote "Add a new page" flow step, where you could select the particular (Office 365) Notebook and Section from dropdowns then add Text and/or any variables from previous steps to the "body" of the page.


I use OneNote a great deal for research, so I can think of many good uses for this - say something easy, like pushing RSS feed updates to OneNote pages, etc.

Regular Visitor

The task/tag to wunderlist flow will be awesome.

Kudo Collector
Kudo Collector

Yes, very interested in a OneNote connector:

Create new section, create new page, create new list, insert picture with URI associated to it, insert text,

Insert hyperlink.


Also, event: "when new (section, page, list, ...) created, do ..."


Power Automate
Power Automate

Thanks all! We're planning on having both actions and triggers for the OneNote connector focusing initially on pages and sections. I saw some suggestions to include scenarios with tags, we can add that to our backlog as well.


We're also curious to understand if folks are looking to use this with their personal notebooks or notebooks within their team/organization - feel free to direct message me with details or other suggestions!

Yes to using both Personal and Team/Organizational notebooks please!

Yes to being able to use both personal and work NoteBooks.



Have the OneNote flow step return a success/fail flag after adding the step's data to the selected page, as well as return the Notebook's "sharing link" (if it exists).  You coult then (for example), put in an "If" step to test the flag, and if true, draft an email/yammer/whatever & instert that link so others can access the OneNote that you just updated.




Interested in CRUD operations to start with. Using OneNote as a wiki, would like to send email notification when pages/sections are added/delete/updated. Also, looking to implement something like approval workflow. So when a new page is added it is tagged as draft and once approved, tag is changed to final.


What is the status of the OneNote connector?

Advocate I
Advocate I

Would be very interested in something like this, primarily as an aggregation of data from other systems, this would be for shared Notebooks, probably stored inside a SharePoint library.


Key requirements for this would be to:


Create new Notebook

Check if Notebook already exists

Create new Section

Check if Section already exists

Add Pages to sections

Add content to pages


How is progress, is there anything that is close to being test-ready?


Would be keen to test and provide feedback if required.


Hi all - thanks for your patience! We now have an initial version of the OneNote (Business) connector ready for testing. Note that it only works with O365 accounts that have OneDrive for Business enabled, if you try to connect with another type of account you may see an error.


The triggers and actions that are supported in this Preview version are below. Depending on the operation you'll be able to select a notebook from a dropdown list of recent notebooks, including personal notebooks or notebooks on your team sites.


Feedback is welcome - please feel free to direct message me with any comments or issues!



This is great! Thanks

So I am having issues with the connector creating multiple duplicate pages in response to its trigger.  This is the implementation pattern I am trying to achieve.


- 15 minutes before a calendar event in a specific calendar a onenote page is created in a specific section with the subject (as page title), date, time, attendees inserted into the onenote page.

@jiford_msft - sorry you're having issues! Are you using the Outlook "when a event is starting soon" trigger? Unfortuntately there's a known issue with that trigger which will cause it to fire multiple times (which you should be able to see in your flow runs).


Since the trigger is firing multiple times, multiple OneNote pages are being created. If you see the same issue with another trigger, please let us know!

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