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Microsoft Flow + Power BI API Custom Connector - Post Import in Group

I have a flow using the Power BI API (swagger) custom connector discussed here:


I am creating a process to Export a pbix file from a workspace ( -- this is working -- and then import it into another workspace ( -- not working.


The import action from the Power BI API swagger file calls for groupId, datasetDisplayName, importInfo, and nameConflict.

groupId = groupId of the workspace I want to import the pbix to

datasetDisplayName = dataset/report name I have exported

importInfo = NEED FORMAT

nameConflict = CreateOrOverwrite


I attempted just passing the content of the Export and that didn't work:  body('Export_pbix')['$content']


I attempted creating a file on SharePoint for the exported file, getting the file content from SharePoint, and passing that as the importInfo and that didn't work.


This document states, it is expecting the file as content-type = multipart/form-data ( - also stated 

  • To import a file, request Headers should include Content-Type: multipart/form-data with the file encoded as form data in the request body

I attempted converting the body content to base64 and that didn't work:  base64(body('Export_pbix')['$content'])


I think I need to format this section as JSON but I am not sure what the format should be. Does anyone know?


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Hi @Anonymous,


What's the body('Export_pbix')['$content'] look like? It's encode base64 or Json format?

And what's the error information report?

I can see you create the pbix file in the SharePoint, can it be opened normally? If it can be, you might have some wrong with the custom connector.

Best Regards,

Community Support Team _ Lin Tu

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no, it cannot be opened.....assuming I have to extract/encode somehow

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just realized I didnt answer the rest of the question......the export "click to download" looks like this ( just long bunch of letters) accessed from a url like:<workflowid>/runs/<runid>/actions/Export_pbix/repetitions/000000/contents/ActionOutputs?api-version=2017-07-01&se=2019-08-17T02%3A00%3A00.0000000Z&sp=%2Fruns%<runid>%2Factions%2FExport_pbix%2Frepetitions%2F000000%2Fcontents%2FActionOutputs%2Fread&sv=1.0&sig=<sig>

{"statusCode":200,"headers":{"Pragma":"no-cache","Transfer-Encoding":"chunked","X-PowerBI-FileName":"Security %2D Work Cell.pbix","Strict-Transport-Security":"max-age=31536000; includeSubDomains,max-age=31536000; includeSubDomains","X-Frame-Options":"deny,deny","X-Content-Type-Options":"nosniff,nosniff","RequestId":"<requestid>","Access-Control-Expose-Headers":"RequestId","Cache-Control":"no-store, must-revalidate, no-cache","Date":"Fri, 16 Aug 2019 09:31:49 GMT","Content-Type":"application/zip","Content-Length":"11789015"},"body":{"$content-type":"application/zip","$content":"UEsDBBQAAAAIANFLEE8813PJCgAAAAgAAAAHABwAVmVyc2lvbiCiGAAooBQAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAzZNBj................"}}

 the input to the import looks as such:

{"method":"post","queries":{"datasetDisplayName":"Security - Work Cell.pbix","nameConflict":"CreateOrOverwrite"},"path":"/v1.0/myorg/groups/<groupid>/imports","host":{"api":{"runtimeUrl":""},"connection":{"name":"/providers/Microsoft.PowerApps/apis/shared_power.20bi.20api.5fa59b954ec8832683.5f642a394d082feff5/connections/<connectionid>"}},"authentication":{"scheme":"Key","parameter":"*sanitized*","type":"Raw"},"body":"UEsDBBQAAAAIANFLEE8813PJCgAAAAgAAAAHABwAVmVyc2lvbiCiGAAooBQAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAzZNBj................"}


Hi @Anonymous,


Ok, so you can add a Compose action to put the content into it, and check the output how it looks like.


Best Regards,

Community Support Team _ Lin Tu

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Frequent Visitor

Hi @Anonymous 


Did you ever find a solution to this? I think I am trying to do exactly the same thing, and failing. Miserably. 





@rG-tom  unfortunately not - couldnt reach the right people @ microsoft


if you make progress let me know - and i will do the same

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Helper II

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