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One Drive file - last modified by NAME


I have shared an Excelfile on One Drive with many people. The flow rule is being triggered on chnages made to the files in a folder. The action should be to send an email to my attention.

file in folder modified --> send email

This email should include 1.) the file name and 2.) the name of user which has done the modification (last modified by xyz).

First part is no problem, but I am not able to pull the name out of the system.

Any ideas?




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@v-micsh-msft @Anonymous


This feature has been been deployed to all regions. Tag me if you have any issues with it and I can contact the connectors team.  Thanks for participating in our community!

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Power Automate



I tried your scenario and I did a 'Get file metadata' on the Excel file I edited in OneDrive.  I tried getting the file metadata by id and path, but I was only able to see the 'Last modified' time stamp.


You could make the author a column in your Excel row, and pull it out from 'Get rows,' but I realize that may not work for your scenario.  I can take this as a request and let you know if it's possible to find the last modified author.  


Thanks for your input!


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Hi Melinda,

thanks for the fast respond on this topic. I'm looking forward to have this soon as parameter in the Flow app, which is btw a great tool!!




Hi @melim,


Is there any update on this?

I checked the document for OneDrive API (Microsoft Graph) regarding get the driveitem, there is Last modified by user object in the respond JSON, which is not in string format:

Get a DriveItem resource

Is it possiable to make it available under the Dynamic Content?


@Anonymous, would it be convenient for you to submit this as an idea in the Microsoft Flow idea forum?



Community Support Team _ Michael Shao
If this post helps, then please consider Accept it as the solution to help the other members find it more quickly.

I opened a task to track this work on the connectors team. While the feature is possible for the OneDrive for Business connector, they're trying to understand how this change would impact other file-based connectors. I'll update the thread when I have more information from them.

This feature request was accepted by the connectors team and it should be deployed by the end of April. Thanks for contributing to our community!

@v-micsh-msft @Anonymous


This feature has been been deployed to all regions. Tag me if you have any issues with it and I can contact the connectors team.  Thanks for participating in our community!

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Hi, I have just tested it - with success!! Thanks to the MS team for implementing this in such a short time!!

Great Job!!



Would it be possible to have this dynamic content (name of the user who modified the file) also available for SharePoint usage?




Jan Tokar

I'm I missing something? I don't see "last modified by NAME"Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 8.19.09 AM.png

@iPeatLastModifiedBy is available for the trigger "When a file is modified (properties only)."  It looks like you are using the trigger "When a file is modified."  Hope this helps.

Thank you,

except for LastModifiedBy: is Empty despite when I look on OneDrive and see a name clearly listed

Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 1.27.56 PM.png

I'm able to reproduce this issue too. I'll ask the connector team about it and report back with a fix ETA.

Hi Melinda,


I understood that the Last Modified Name feature is now enabled in Flows. But could you please guide us on how to fetch the last modified name in Sharepoint flows.




Hi Flaris,


Can you please help/guide me on how to fetch the last modified name in Microsoft Flow for Sharepoint

Yes. @iPeat even I am facing the same issue.


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I have used the trigger

"beim Ändern einer Datei (nur Metadaten)--> Dateimetadaten über ID abrufen --> E-Mail senden"

Not 100% sure how this is in English, but should be something like:


"on changes of a file (only Metadata): path of folder --> call file meta data via ID: path to the specific file--> send E-Mail: "


Subject: The file "Name" has been changed


 Hi, <br>

the file <i> "DisplayName" <i><br> has been changed by <i>"LastModifiedBy" </i><br><br>


check it out: <br>

<a href=URL pointing to file</a>


Hope, this helps a bit



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LastModifiedBy.pngHere is a screenshot

i am not able to see that feature


i am not able to see your developed feature


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