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Optional password in HTTP connector Basic Authentication

Dear Team,

I have created a Power Automate workflow that contains HTTP Action. This action calls external REST API with "Basic" Authentication type. The API service provide expects only username and not password for calling the service.


However, HTTP action has password mandatory with Basic authentication thus the flow is not executing the connector with below error:

The required basic authentication property 'password' is missing.

Below is the screenshot of HTTP action designer:




Below is screenshot of exception



The  API provider is one of the leading bank in Australia where the payment file to be uploaded. Below is the documentation of API provider:


When the username is provided in Password field, the API throws an exception that they are not expecting password. 


Can someone please advise if there is a way to suppress the password during API call? Appreciate the help. 



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It seems that you cannot leave the password empty.

Hi @Anonymous ,


Thanks for the response. We tried same thing in Logic Apps however Power Automate internally uses HTTP Logic App connector.


I'm looking for another approach where we may need to invoke REST API using Windows service. As the API provider expect the calls from specific IP range only. 

Hi @bharatmalviya 


I had the similar issue where I need to use the username as my API key and no password. I used the below config. Use the HTTP connector and set the Authentication as Raw. Under the Value place the API key.



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Hi @abm ,


Thanks, I'll have a look into and check whether it works. 



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To resolve the authentication issue. Copy the username in the password field.

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In my case, the endpoint required authentication header in the following format:

Authorization: Basic <base64("username:password")>

where username is the API key and password blank. 


I solved it using the "Raw" option and set its value to "Basic base64('username:')"

Screenshot 2022-05-19 at 13.46.20.png

In the screenshot above, the value after "Basic" is a calculated base64 representation of the string "username:". The username is the API key. Note the colon ":" after "username". That is required (at least in my case).


Optionally, base64() is available as an expression when using the dynamic content option. One can use that as well, especially if you want to keep the username secret. 


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