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Premium connectors in community plan not available?

I've created a developer environment ( but when I try to use a premium connector in Power Automate (aka Flow), I am "offered" a free trial 😞 


On the other hand in Power Apps, I can connect to premium connectors without the prompt 🙂


Are the Power Automate(!) premium connectors not / no longer available under the community plan?


Thanks for any clarification/solution

Dominik Petri.

Advocate I
Advocate I

MS changed it’s pricing on 10/1/2019, all new accounts PowerApps and Flows will be under the new license pricing. All Apps built before 10/1/2019 are grandfathered in (that’s why your apps are working) until 2024 and can use SQL connectors, new apps created after 10/1/2019 will need new pricing. It's a disaster!

My cost is going from.
Flows was $165 a yr now will cost us $30,000 a yr (30 flows)
Users was $3,000 a yr, now will cost us $24,000 a yr (50 users)
$3,165 to $54,000 and that does not count my Azure SQL Cloud Server.

Be sure to understand new pricing before agreeing to the trial.

PowerApps plans

New and renewing customers will have the flexibility to choose PowerApps per app or per user plans.

  • PowerApps per app plan.Allow individual users to run applications for a specific business scenario based on the full capabilities of PowerApps. Pricing will be $10 user/app/month.
  • PowerApps per user plan.Equip individual users to run an unlimited number of apps, without any feature restrictions. This takes the place of existing P1 and P2 plans and will be $40 /user / month.


Microsoft Flow plans

New and renewing customers will have the flexibility to choose Flow per user or per business process plans:

  • Flow per user plan.Equip individual users to create unlimited workflows and business processes based on their requirements. This means the existing Flow P1 and P2 plans will collapse into a single simplified per user plan. Pricing will be $15 user/month.
  • Flow per business process.Implement critical business processes with capacity that serves teams, departments or the entire organization, for an unlimited number of users. Pricing will be $500 business process/month for up to 5 active workflows.

Discuss on new pricing

Good luck

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I created the community plan (developer) AFTER 10/1/19 so the grandfathering doesn't apply here. All Flows / Power Apps are built newly.


Thanks cmv for your help and the links!

Helper I
Helper I

Hi, did you get the answer to this one? I am also facing the same problem. In my individual environment i am unable to test the premium connectors.

Unfortunately not 😞


I can use the premium connectors in Power Apps, but not in Power Automate 😞

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I had something similar and posted my experience here: Re: PowerApps Community Plan not working?? - Power Platform Community (


The short-version is that I could accept the trial in the Power Automate UI for my Community plan environment but not in the Power Apps UI. I could then build the flows using premium connectors but currently unsure whether they will stop working after the "trial" ends.

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