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SFTP - SSH - The path provided does not exist


I am having some trouble with the SFTP - SSH connector.  I am trying to reach a SFTP server and retrieve the contents of a file.

- I can connect to the SFTP server

- The SFTP - SSH - List files in folder action runs and retrieves the details of the file ( ID, Name, Path, Modified).

- The SFTP - SSH - Get file contents action fails to run - Error message is : The path provided does not exist


I could use some assistance tracking down what is going on.  The Get file content action uses the ID of the file provided by the List files action.  The path the Get file content action is trying to access is the same path that the List files action provides.


There is another action that is SFTP - SSH - Get file content with path - This action produces the same error.


Any assistance would be appreciated.  Thank you for any hints you might be able to give.


1. List files.PNG2. Get content.PNG

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As another note - both of the actions "Get file content" and "Get file content using path" allow you to click on a little file picker to browse to a specific file.  The same error is returned when the file is directly selected.


message""The provided path '/Inbox/ACK2PSRV3.PC000003031.DOMESTIC20210405102810.20210405143911002.XML' does not exist.\r\nclientRequestId: fe99df0d-9518-4c2a-847c-ecfa2705e777",
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I'm having this same error, did you find a resolution?

I have two SFTP sources in a flow, only one behaves like this.  List files, get file metadata all work fine with the returned pathname.  Get file content fails however, with either path or not.

Helper I
Helper I

I opened a case with Microsoft.   They claimed it had to do with IBMs implementation of SFTP on the remote server.  I don't remember the exact details but they tried to convince me that I should pressure an international bank to upgrade their SFTP version.   Overall Microsoft was not particularly helpful.

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