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Advocate II

Sharepoint list has lost drop down flow

I have been using a single item selection flow within a sharepoint list for over a year now and it has disappeared from the drop down on the flow icon on the sharepoint ribbon of the list. Anybody any ideas. I don't want to have to recreate it from scratch as it is quite complex.





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ok I exported the original flow and imported it into the new environment went back to the sharepoint list and it is appearing in the flow drop down like before. So all sorted and thank you for your help.

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Super User
Super User

@980Panama you won't have lost it, it should still be in in your list of flows. Can you see it when you click on See my flows?

Los Gallardos

Yes it is still in my list of flows but I don't see it on the sharepoint list screen so I cannot run it against the selected flow.

As you are triggering it manually you can still do so from within Power Automate. But is your flow on a particular item in your list or is it looking at the whole list?

Los Gallardos

At a specific item in the list.  Why has it stopped working, i.e. making the flow name available to run out of the sharepoint list itself - any ideas?  

As it's running against a specific item in your list you can add a flow button to trigger the flow. Add a new column in your SharePoint list and format it with the following JSON code:

"$schema": "",
"elmType": "button",
"txtContent": "Send for Approval",
"customRowAction": {
"action": "executeFlow",
"actionParams": "{\"id\": \"52b76de4-f775-456c-87ad-61c46714990a\"}"

Replace the code in red with the ID of your flow. Replace the text in blue with the text you want on the button. 



Los Gallardos
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Ok I can see how this would work setting the button trigger as a new column but this was not how it was working before which was much simpler and neater and Microsoft did this stuff for us behind the scenes.  Has this functionality from microsoft been removed.

The flow name appeared in the list below and you just selected the single item and ran the flow from here.



It's not been removed, I've still got it on my lists. I really don't know why it would not be there for you.

Los Gallardos

Ok. I just set up a test flow on the sharepoint list  and I am having some permission issues when running it - although it is now showing up in the drop down list.  We had to move some flows recently into a new environment holding data in the UK rather than Europe after a Microsoft update and I think this may be the problem.  I will work through the permission problems and see if the original flow needs to be moved into the UK data area environment and will revert soonest.  Thank you for your help so far and the json code provided will be stored for future use (just hope I don't need it as this flow is just a backup for when things go wrong and a manual intervention is required which is very infrequent).


Like your lifestyle by the way.

ok I exported the original flow and imported it into the new environment went back to the sharepoint list and it is appearing in the flow drop down like before. So all sorted and thank you for your help.

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