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Sharepoint online create folders & sub folder using Flow


A rental property management employee visits a property. The employee uses Power App to take a number of photos. Photos are uploaded to SharePoint. The easy bit.


Problem - Flow SharePoint navigation check and or create folders to store images

Images need to be saved to a specific folder for each property. Within that folder images would need to be stored in a folder for the year, month.


For example, Images>PropertyA>2018>Aug.


The next visit to property A images>PropertyA>2018>Dec.


Image upload needs to check if property A, folder 2018, folder Aug exists if not create year and month folder. If 2018>Aug folder exists upload images to the folder. Occasionally more than one visit might be necessary for example refurbishment project. The next visit might be the same month so  images would be stored in the appropriate month folder.


This provides employees with a way to quickly locate property images for specified year and month. The reason employees need to compose and send 'Word' landlord reports. If multiple property images are stored to a single document library or list it becomes problematical to locate all the images for a site inspection for a specific date as all property images are stored within a single list. Errors are inevitable.   


My initiate research suggests this isn't possible using Flow or instructional documentation isn't easily located and or capability to be able to do this isn't available.

Community Support
Community Support



How would the flow know which folder the image should be saved in?


I afraid that it is not able to achieve your needs in microsoft flow.


Best regards,


Hello Alice


Thank you.


Disappointing to learn such capabilities are not possible using Power Apps & Flow.


Folder navigation. I was thinking a user runs a search. The user selects’ the property folder. Flow checks whether a folder exists for the date the photo is taken. If not, a folder is created and all images for that date stored in that folder. If the folder exists, the image is added.


I must admit I had thought this wasn’t an appropriate solution given some on site visits may have internet connectivity problems, so images would need to be stored and uploaded when an internet connection was available. My research could not find a way to do this. In fact, finding documentation is problematical. The second problem using SharePoint there is no way to add a text message attachment. Useful if the employee conducting the onsite visit doesn’t prepare the land lord report.



This can be done with "Fusion for Flow & PowerApps".

(No-Code Solution)


Fusion extents the capabilities of Flow to include all kinds of high performance automated bulk operations on SharePoint Items including database interfacing as well as file uploads and reorganazing files and folder structure.


  • A "Fusion Job" can be invoked from Flow or PowerApps  by adding an Item to a SharePoint List monitored by Fusion. As simple as that.


The "Flow" extension for Fusion is not publicly avalible yet but expected to be there by the end of August in Fusion version 7.40  (Current GA version is 7.32)  

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