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Teams Channel Post to Google Map of Coordinate Location



I am currently working on setting up an alert system where I receive an alert via email, it automatically posts to a Teams Channel based on the criteria I've set (in this case, by state), and is added to a running archival list of the alerts. I will note that I haven't gotten that all entirely situated exactly how I want, but it's a work in progress. The thread where I am waiting on some help is Here. In this, I would like to add a piece... I would like to have the coordinates that come in with that alert automatically show as a point in a google map that shows with the post for the alert. How can I set it up to do this? 


Below is an example of how the alert comes in:

ALERT 3.6NM NNE "STA" (OTHER025) 28NOV2021, 13:00(L), 2958.5N 08113.4W, 1 ADULT, HDG W, PUBLIC
The numbers in red are the coordinates that I would like to search for in Google Maps to show as a point. 
The piece in green is what my other thread regards (I am having trouble getting it to match exactly to that specific code)
SO, here are the steps I am trying to get working
  1. Alert comes into email
  2. Alert is automatically posted to the appropriate Teams page and channel based on code
  3. Google Map showing location of alert point pops up with the alert post to the Teams page and channel
  4. Alert is added to the archival Teams list
  5. DONE




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