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Twitter API connection limit exceeded.



Has anyone run into this error when setting up the Twitter connection, it shows the message before it's even brought up the dialog to enter oauth credentials?


ApiConnectionLimitExceeded. Failed to create connection for connection id


Thank you,



Power Apps
Power Apps

Yeah, there's a bit of a usability issue around this. Some services allow a small number of connections. Twitter only allows 2. But this counts connections in a bad state. You can manage connections directly by clicking on the avatar in the top right, and selecting "My connections" in the drop down menu.


From there, you can try to re-authenticate the twitter connections, or just delete them and try to create a new one from inside the flow editor.


That's right!  You can create some fixed number of connections for every connector.  This varies on the individual connector, some allow more, some allow few.  Twitter allows upto 2.


We could certainly improve the error message here to convey that.  I have filed a bug internally to track that.  Thanks for reporting the issue!




If we have multiple twitter flows using the same id, do you reconnect or bundle them?   


If you reconnect, This is why OR conditions would be useful so reconnecting isn't required.

Hey there,


OR conditions seem possible. We can use the same expression syntax that Logic Apps uses. Expression reference is here:


Check the part Logical functions for the expression I believe you are looking for regarding OR conditions.

Yes, this worked @or(contains(triggerBody()['TweetText'], 'test123'), contains(triggerBody()['TweetText'], 'test345'), contains(triggerBody()['TweetText'], 'test678'))

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Mine was doing this also. The cure was acutally logging in with my (new) twitter account - I don't know what Flow was trying to use before I logged in, but if it's some kind of flow default API key, that key is apparently overloaded (SHRUG)


I think I had to click on the twitter trigger icon to get the oauth login screen to repopulate- and then once I was able to log in, everything worked fine.

Good luck!

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