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Unable to connect to Jira (Load an Issue) V2


I am struggling to get my new flow to work.  I have created the flow so that a new message in a teams channel creates an issue within a Jira Cloud Project.  I have been successful in getting it to create a new project, but when I try to create an issue I get a Bad Request message. I am successfully connected to Jira because I can access the list of projects and Issue Types.


I have no idea what is wrong.....looks to me like the connector has an error and needs to have additional data in it.  


Any assistance would be really appreciated



Community Support
Community Support


  • The Create a new issue (V2) action supports only simple types such as string, number, date, and datetime in the dynamic schema. If there are complex fields, the operation will fail with the following error: "EXPECTED502: Field '{key}' of type '{type}' is not supported.".

JIRA - Connectors | Microsoft Docs

Hi Kierian,

thanks for responding.  I am a little confused.  The connector is "Create a new issue (V2)", so can you please confirm what issues it will create?

The error is provides is not an EXPECTED502, it is a BadGateway

It's a bit confusing that a connector named 'Create a new issue' won't actually create a new issue.....


The dynamic operation request to API 'jira' operation 'ListIssueTypesFields' failed with status code 'BadGateway'. Error response: { "error": { "code": 502, "message": "Field 'reporter' of type 'user' is not supported.", "source": "", "path": "choose\\when[1]\\choose[1]\\when[4]", "clientRequestId": "8f1cef12-5776-4ea1-979c-52872c57556e" } }


When I use the Jira connector to create a project it works fine and creates a new project.  Can you please suggest any option on how I can create an issue (simple task) within an existing Jira project.


Any assistance is appreciated.

Hi Kierian,

Just an update.  I took all the fields away in Jira (so they are not expected) for the initial load.  Appears to get through the above issue.  It now throws an error saying I need to pass some additional data:


Issue fields are empty. Please ensure that all required fields is provided.
Is there any way that I can pass more data to Jira (using details from the trigger)..
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I am having the same issue. This is on a brand new, stock account of Jira, so no special fields etc. 




Ok... reread Kierian's response, and realized that the default "Reporter" Field was what was throwing the error. Removed the field from Jira and now receive a new error.


"The response from API 'jira' operation 'ListIssueTypesFields' with status code '200' does not contain a valid OpenAPI schema object."




New Member

Hi all,


Has there been any update on this? I am also struggling to use the JIRA connector to create a new issue. I am trying to create an issue using the power automate visual in Power BI and I get the same issue as above. 


I have also built a separate custom connector to use the JIRA API however JIRA do not allow third party websites to call protected APIs and so I cannot authenticate.


It would be good if we had the ability to customise connectors to add in fields.





Helper I
Helper I

I have the same problem @Abrown1 . This question return in other topics and apparently don't have solution.

By the way i creat a new question for this, if you have the solution, please share.

Helper I
Helper I

This problem happens because have a inconsistence in Jira conection.

For solve, acess: Data >> Conection and edited the Jira conector.

Problaby the name of usuare or the Api Token are wrong.

Advocate II
Advocate II

In your Jira project(s), you have to customize each Issue type you want to use with PowerAutomate.  Remove the "Reporter" field (drag it off to the right) and Save the change for that issue type.  That fixed everything for me.

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