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Helper III
Helper III

Unable to overcome 302 redirects

Hello my friends, I come today with a confusing one.


Daily I get emailed with a link to a report I need to download to start my Flow. I use HTTP to get the URL but I cannot figure out what it is doing. Any help?


Solution Sage
Solution Sage

Hi @Bill51106 ,

Little difficult as the URLs are hidden but it looks like:

1. You access URL 1 to view the report

2. You are redirected to URL 2 to be authenticated 

3. Upon successful authentication, you are redirected back to URL 1 which is the ReturnUrl paramter from URL 2

Helper III
Helper III



Thanks for looking, I forgot to mention. Anyone can click the first URL and it will take them to the file, no entering of credentials.

Hi @Bill51106 


It could be because there is single sign on (sso) enabled or the user has logged into another service already and already has a token.  It needs to check the validity of the token.


If you open the browser in private mode on a non network connected computer and try opening the URL, what happens?

Helper III
Helper III

@eric-cheng Anyone can click the link and it will download.


The server kicks out two different Excel reports.

1) One is an Excel file attached in an email.

2) This one sends the link and is meant to be shared with many people, skips all authentication.


Since the 2nd report redirects, I can't catch it in the Flow and the company refuses to move this report to an email.

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