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Advocate II
Advocate II

Writing to event list from flow

Hi all,

I am having problems in using events and flow. I have an events list on my site (using the standard one) and a webpart to display them.

If I add items manually then I can see them in the viewer.

If I add them via quick edit in the list directly I cannot see them in the web part viewer.

Also I don't seem to be able to access the event list from flow.

I am trying to write a flow to copy data from a list into the event list, but I am stuck. Should I be approaching this in a different way?


Community Support
Community Support

Hi @Jambo1,


Could you please share more details about your requirement with microsoft flow?

Do you want to copy data from a list into your event list with microsoft flow and have trouble on it?Could you please share a screenshot of the flow?And could you please share more details about the list and the event list?


Please share more details so we would try to provide a proper workaround for you.


Best regards,


Thanks Alice,


I overcame the first problem by using Events as a custom value in the list name as per flow below.  To Test I am just using some hard coded values to trace where this is going.



Test FlowTest Flow


This Created some items in the List view of the events below:

List View of EventsList View of Events



but I cant see them in the Calendar View or the events view - its as though I have missed populating somthing although all mandatory fields are populated.Calendar.jpg





Just to clarify what I am trying to do - I am trying to populate the Events list with data from another list so that I can see the events in the events web part on a sharepoint page in the modern UI - it seems the events when populated programatically are not consistently displayed 


- in the List view of events it is present, 

In the Calendar view is it absent

In the Web Part on SharePoint page is is absent

in the Web PArt on a new site it is present


any pointers would be appreciated



If I understand you correctly, you are creating items in a SharePoint calendar via Flow.  The source data is another SharePoint list.


First, have you tried simply creating a Calendar view of the data in the original list?  You can create a calendar view of any SharePoint data that has a date column regardless of the type of list.


In your testing, have the new events been created in the calendar?  Have you taken a look at the events to see what might look odd?  One thing you might try is creating a "standard" list view of your calendar data - anything in the calendar show show and it should assist you in figuring out what your issue might be.



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Thanks @ScottShearer


I tried that and compared the list values for a manually created item and a programatically created item and they are the same however the programatically created one does not show up in the events web part. Calendar views were not available to the events viewer


For now I have overcome it using the highlighted content web part which will do for now



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I have a similar issue. In my case, due to lack of rolled up content for Events web part, I am using flow to copy events to the hub events list. The flow works perfectly and I checked all list columns and I don't see a difference in the way columns are populated and since I am moving data from one Events list to another, the column types should be exactly the same. 


If I create a new event in the hub site using the web part, the event displays. If I create a new event in the calendar view of the events list, I can also see it in the events web part. But those create by flow are not visible, even though they are in the all events and calendar views.

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