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new custom connectors definition not showing on flows

I created a custom connector a long time ago, and it is working fine, however, I needed to add some new definitions to the connector, and even after updating and testing the definition on the connector side, the new actions are not showing in the flows to be used.

New Member

Can you add some picture of the flow?

Advocate II
Advocate II

I have the same issue. Created a new definition in my connector but it doesn't show as an action inside the flow. I've waited a couple hours thinking its a time thing but it is still not available to be used inside flow.

Advocate II
Advocate II

Posting for anyone else who gets this issue. I lodged a support request with Microsoft and waited 3 days. The issue corrected itself on the third day. Microsoft said to report the issue if it happens again.

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Hello there, 

did you make sure that the "Custom" tab was selected when searching for your connector's actions? I have no idea why but custom connectors will not appear amongst the other "premium" or "standard" connectors. You have to specifically specify that you are searching Custom connectors.


Hopefully this helps you, 


have a nice day.

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