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onenote permission error

Hi there,


I'm trying to set up a basic OneNote (Business) flow to send an email when a page is updated, using my organisational account.

I create the OneNote connector without any issues, and I can enumerate the Notebooks available to me in the Notebook key field and select a notebook - but when I try and expand the dropdown list for the Notebook ID field, I get this error;


Could not retrieve values. Error; the user doesn't have permission to access the requested resource.


I've tried with various notebooks, browsers and computers - same result.

Tried searching the web and could not find related issues, so it must be something on my side, but no clue where to start looking.


Not sure, if this would work out. can you make sure the onenote is saved into a sharepoint and you have the rights for the sharepoint too? I am also new to this flow, I am able to select the section from the onenote but I needed flow to email it to a generic email ID with the content as an attachemnt and I get the below error..


  • Code

  • To;
  • Subject
    AUDIT PRINT OUT: RE: RE: Urgent move of employee (bonus implications)  - HR-3258704-J3V5J9 - URGENT!/2017-01-26T20:17:55.624Z/RASUBRA
  • Body
    { "To": ";", "Subject": "AUDIT PRINT OUT: RE: RE: Urgent move of employee (bonus implications)  - HR-3258704-J3V5J9 - URGENT!/2017-01-26T20:17:55.624Z/RASUBRA", "Body": "RE: RE: Urgent move of employee (bonus implications)  - HR-3258704-J3V5J9 - URGENT!" }

  • Headers
    { "Pragma": "no-cache", "x-ms-request-id": "d6089372-01a3-42bd-b1c9-e093106a0a7a", "X-Content-Type-Options": "nosniff", "Cache-Control": "no-cache", "Date": "Thu, 26 Jan 2017 20:18:38 GMT", "Set-Cookie": "ARRAffinity=99c96cf98fedea1a8c71e11af80477945630605ed849d12a30c65bacca7fa768;Path=/;Domain=", "Server": "Microsoft-IIS/8.0,Microsoft-HTTPAPI/2.0", "X-AspNet-Version": "4.0.30319", "X-Powered-By": "ASP.NET", "Content-Length": "76", "Content-Type": "application/json; charset=utf-8", "Expires": "-1" }
  • Body
    { "status": 404, "message": "User account does not exist.", "source": "" }
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Hi ramji,


Currently I've tried Onedrive, SharePoint team site and office group notebooks - effectively all SharePoint tenant/cloud-based access and I'm the owner on all of them....I can definitely access all of them fine through OneNote.

Flow connects to the notebook but doesn't load the sections - would make more sense if it didn't load the notebooks at all...

Too weird..

Hi @Anonymous - unfortunately it looks like we're getting that error directly from OneNote. You're seeing the same error for other notebooks as well? If you could direct message me a quick screenshot of the error I can corelate it to the actual API calls we're making to see if there's any other hints.


@ramji1204 - is the error in the OneNote action or the email action? The error in your example seems to be the user account does not exist, you could try sending a mail directly to check. Please start another thread if it looks like a different error!

I have been getting this error too when adding a onenote flow and trying to select the section ID the section ID's are missing and this error appears.

Hi Lance - are you seeing the same permissions error returned in the OneNote dropdown? Unfortunately that error is directly from OneNote, it seems that the operation (fromurl) will list out all notebooks on that site and if you don't have access to any one of them you may see this error.


Please confirm the account you're trying to connect with and its access level, feel free to direct message me with any additional details!

@tpalmer I am also getting this error.  Looks like this thread is almost a year old.  I have used this since then, but the error seems to have come back.


Could not retrieve values. Error; the user doesn't have permission to access the requested resource., clientRequestId: 90369E5F-6BB0-4ABB-BAB2-792564FE1A8D

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