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Helper I

1 Email for multiple file uploads plus help with move file on approval

Hi All,


Very new to Power Automate... had a good look round but can't see anything specific to point a novice in the right direction.


The situation is that on an irregular basis, many files will be uploaded to document library in one go - circa 400 documents.  These will be loaded with a status of Pending. 10% of the documents will be checked and if all is well all of them will be marked as "approved" and moved to an Approved doc library.

My very first flow has 2 problems.

1. It will send an Email for all 400 documents.  I want it to just send 1 to say e.g. "new documents pending approval , click here".
2. It will only move the approved documents when the approve button is pressed within the Email body, not if the status is changed to 'approve' from within SharePoint.  I think this might happen because this part of the flow starts from an Email approval process.  




Super User
Super User


Since you are using a When a file is created trigger the Flow will run for every document and emails will be sent - no way around that.

You might consider running a Flow with a Recurrence trigger.  Set the Flow to run daily or a couple of times a day.  Use a SharePoint Get Files Properties Only action to retrieve files with a status of Pending.  If any  documents are returned by the Get files action then send an email.  You'll use a filter query in your action - here is a link for more info.


I would have a separate Flow that moves the document when the status is changed to Approved.  


Your issue is that the users won't receive an email for each document.  My suggestion is to use a View in SharePoint that groups the items by status.






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Hi Scott


Thanks for your reply - had some time off hence the slow feedback.


Did some research from the link you supplied and others. I seem to be hitting an issue with the filter query and I wonder if it's because the column "Approval Status' is a built-in field? 

Query: Approvalx0020Status eq 'Pending'


Error: Column 'Approvalx0020Status' does not exist. It may have been deleted by another user.


Many articles have mentioned that fields with a space E.g. "Field name" are actually recognised in SharePoint as "Field_x0020_Name".   The method to check for this was to edit the library and then edit the column which shows the true field name in the URL.  However I noticed Approval Status is not listed and hence where my suspicion started.


Do you have any experience or knowledge of this?  


The filter queries use a columns internal name.  An easy way to verify that you are using the correct internal name is to :

  1. Create a button Flow
  2. Add a Get items action and set it to use your list
    1. Set the top count to a small number so you only get a few records back - use 5
  3. Run the Flow
  4. Click on the output of the Get items action
    1. Search for your column
  5. Refer to the column in exactly the same way as it appears in the output

Let me know if I need to be more clear....



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Hi Scott - does the above still apply if the target is a library and not a list.  Run the action on GetFiles but didn't get anything useful about the column names in the output. GetItems wouldn't work as no list to select.

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