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Add missing row to Excel

Hi there, im new here so sorry if this has been asked to death - I just cant find something that answers specifically what im trying to do...


I successfully did the following:

Manually created a test.xlsx file in SharePoint with the headings and the initial value ID's from an export of a Planner which is in the excel sheet as a column called Task ID


Power Automate to do the rest for me on a schedule...

List Tasks - Planner

  • Group ID = Testing Group
  • Plan Id = Testing Planner

Which contains a key value of value IDin the form of something like this: oVAKrpiHp0al26h7CAbP6kYAK-3L


Update A Row - Excel

  • Location = Testing Group
  • Document Library = Testing Documents
  • File = test.xlsx
  • Table = Table1
  • Key Column = Task ID
  • Key Value = value ID

Then I choose Task Name = value Title which works wonders.  The value Title is updated in my excel sheet based on matching the value ID to the Task ID (from Excel) and it updates perfectly = SUCCESS




Now, what I want to do is to be able to ADD an excel row where the planner has value ID existing (a new planner item has been added) and the excel is missing that key identifier under Task ID.


I cannot for the life of me get it working...




note: I'm at the point of rebuilding the spreadsheet in power automate each time (over night) as it doesn't need to be updated every day.  The plan for this is to then add a Power BI front end and add to my dashboard for the directors, along side all my other reports on my SharePoint page.

Super User
Super User

Hi @simonalexander 


If I understand you correctly, you want to check if a row exists and if not, add it? If you run get rows from table and then filter array for your is, using a condition, if the length is 1, you have a match, then update, otherwise add.



New Member

Hi Damien,


Yes, if a row in the excel sheet does not contain the ID of a new planner item then add that planner item at the bottom.


I tried using get rows and add on a condition but not sure I got it right because it started adding the same row again and again on repeat, I had to force the run to end.

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