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Adding Flow failed during http send Requst / Flow only works for user created the flow

Hello people of power 🙂

This problem started a few days ago across multiple tenants I'm managing and on multiple flows. 

I'm not sure if its a flow (Power automate) error or a Powerapps problem.


I first noticed this problem when I tried to re-adding a flow to an app that had stopped working. (The flow has been working fine for a good part of a year now). 


When adding the flow I got this error:


I was a bit confused about this, but find out that if I change the connection user to my user in the flow, I could add it with no problem. All test seems fine when testing (with my user). I thought everything was good. The day after I got multiple e-mails from users saying thy got an strange error:

Unable to process template language expressions in action 'Opprett_en_fil_-_html' inputs at line '1' and column '2571': 'The template language expression 'json(decodeBase64(triggerOutputs().headers['X-MS-APIM-Tokens']))['$connections']['shared_onedriveforbusiness']['connectionId']' cannot be evaluated because property 'shared_onedriveforbusiness' doesn't exist, available properties are ''. Please see for usage details.'.


To confirm this I logged on with a test user and sure enough, I got the same error.

Conclusion 1: The flow runs fine if the connector user is the same as the powerapps  user. 


After searing for a solution for I found several post about this. Some new and some old. I tried removing and adding the connector user in the flow and adding and removing the flow in Powerapps, but nothing seems to work. 


I then made a new flow from scratch, added it to Powerapps. It worked fine when I was the same user as connector user i flow, but when changing to my test user I got the same problem. 


Today I noticed this error has occurred on other tenants as well. I have not done any changes in the flows. They work fine with my admin user on the tenants, but I see they have failed multiple times with other user with the same error as above. 


Is there something new about flow (power automate). Do I now need to share the flow with everyone in some way. Is it a specific one-drive thing that I'm not aware about?


I have now spent 2 working days figure this out, so any help will be very appreciated. 


Best Regards




This is connection issue on flow

Please let us know if this still an issue

Have a good day.

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