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Helper I
Helper I

Automated Flow and SharePoint connections issue

Hello MPA community, 


I've come across a very odd instance in power automate. 

I am a owner of a Flow and have added a co-owner as well.

The goal of the flow is to Update a column (User or group column) and the trigger is when an item is created or modified in a SharePoint library list. Everything's works well when i add or modify an item. 

However, when the Co-owner tries to do it , the flows triggers/runs but does not update the column. 

We saw that when the SharePoint connection is changed at all the action steps in the flow (with the co-owners) only then patching occurs. 


I find it surprising and rather stunned that this is how it is..? I am missing something here?

Another concern: The SharePoint list has a different owners with edit access and i want the flow to run and update things when they do any changes as well. But they have to be a co-owner of the flow and connect their SharePoint with the flow every time? 


I hope i was able to put across my issue. 

If more info is required , I would be happy to share it. 

Super User
Super User

It sounds as though the Flow is being initiated from Power Apps.  If that is the situation, switch to using a SharePoint When an item is created or modified trigger and I believe that will resolve the issue.



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Hi @ScottShearer , 

I was hoping you'd reply. There was a  post on the similar lines few years ago where you had contributed and marked as solved -


However, my flow is not triggered/connected to power apps. Please have a look at it :



Some solutions I came across where to have a 'Service group' and use that account to create and the flows and apps. But it doesn't solve my underlying issue of SP list members/owners to use the flow.




In your post you mentioned that you added co-owners.  Are the users experiencing this issue making a copy of the Flow or executing your Flow?



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Helper I
Helper I

@ScottShearer , Yes to a certain extent. I will explain it with 2 situations:

1) When their Sharepoint connection is not selected:  The co-owners are able to run the flow (without error) but the Update items (in the particular column) does not take place. 

2) When their Sharepoint connection is selected : Everything works fine. 


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