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Automatic Flow Not Triggering (Event Grid)

Hi All,


I should say up front that I'm new to Azure, EventGrid and Flow so apologies in advance if any of the following doesn't make sense.


I have a very simple flow which I want to trigger automatically when EventGrid is notified of a data change in my application.  I can see that the change is being sent successfully from my application to EventGrid (via web services) and I can see the event itself through the Event Grid Viewer that's available as a template on GitHub.  However, even though all is seemingly well with Event Grid and my flow is never triggered.


After trying to find a solution by searching on line I saw that some users had found that turning the flow on and off again would resolve their problem.  I've tried this and on 2 occassions (out of many attempts at doing this) it has indeed lead to the flow being triggered.  Each time it was only triggered once though, not once for each outstanding item in my EventGrid which I would have have expected to fire the Flow automatically had it been working. 


I'm now wondering whether turning it off/on again is actually "fixing" the problem at all or whether the flow is just being triggered because it's being turned on regardless of anything to do with EventGrid.  I've seen posts from other users who think turning a flow on triggers it, even when the relevant conditions haven't been met.


So, has anyone managed to get flow to successfully send a notification email when an event is registered in EventGrid?  Does anyone have any idea as to what the problem might be?


My set up is hugely simple - Subscription = my subscription, Resource Type = Microsoft.EventGrid.Topic, Resource Name = my topic ID.   All the Flow drop downs were populated appropriately according to my Azure set up suggesting everything is hooked up correctly.  No conditions or filters have been applied at all as they're not shown as mandatory.


Thanks in advance.

Community Support
Community Support


Hi @MEWS ,


Have you seen the characteristics of the event that can be successfully triggered and what you did at the time?

The prerequisite for this Flow that I understand is triggered by an Azure Event Grid subscription fires an event.

Please consider following this similar thread to see if you can get further answers here:


Best Regards,

Community Support Team _ Barry
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Thanks for the response and suggestions, unfortunately, having looked again I'm not any further on.  The "#triggers" link seemed to suggest I'd set everything up correctly, but nevertheless I deteled my existing flow and worked through it again.  I've provided approprite values for the mandatory fields and having checked against the topic in Event Grid I can see that Azure/Flow has created a subscription as expected.  Still though, when I send an event into Event Grid the flow isn't triggered, even though the Event is processed and can be viewed in my Event Grid Viewer endpoint.


Interestingly, I found a templated flow that's almost identical to mine other than it sends a notification to Flow's mobile app.  I created a new flow using this as a basis and that doesn't trigger either.


To check I've not totally misunderstood this and it's the creation/deletion of topics themselves that are supposed to fire my flows, I tested that theory out.  Amending the topics doesn't trigger my flows either.  I never expected it to, but thought it worth ruling out.


So, I'm as stuck as I was yesterday unfortunately.  Maybe I've misunderstood something in the set up, but everything looks as I would logically expect it too for this to work.


Having read through the other post you supplied the link too, I read that as @John Liu having found a bug and that it was Microsoft fixing that bug which resolved his problem.  It also looks like the problem was in Flow trying to create it's subscription to the Event Grid topic too, which mine has managed to do successfully.  I might have misread the content of that thread though since this is all relatively new to me.



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