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Can flows be disabled from running during initial creation by default

I just ran into this at work and was hoping someone from Microsoft could comment.


Created a recurrence flow to send project communications based on a date in a SharePoint list.

Setup the recurrence, picked the SharePoint list, selected apply to each condition, setup the condition, then had it send email if YES condition met.

I filled in the various parts of the email except put the words "fill in later; test" in the body.

Keep in mind at this point I have not saved this flow.

I changed the name of the flow at the top and hit save with the intent of coming back later and finishing the body of the email.


I figured at this point nothing would be activated because I did not click the "test button" and I did not manually change the FLOW to "ON".

But guess what, as soon as I saved the flow for the very first time it also ran and emailed 7 people I was not expecting to email.


Should flows be disabled upon initial save?

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @Anonymous,


I have made a test on my side, and as you said,the recurrence flow would run as soon as we save the flow for the very first time.


If you would like the recurrence flow to be disabled from running during initial creation by default, please submit an idea to Flow Ideas Forum,so it might be considered for future releases:


As an alternative way, if you would like the recurrence flow to be disabled from running during initial creation, you could create a flow and disable it firstly by change the flow to "Off", and then modify the flow to the recurrence flow which you want to create.


Please let me know if your problem could be solved.



Best regards,


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