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Cannot read property 'push' of undefined

Hi i am facing issue while using process and save information from form in Power Automate flow. I'm using a trigger from when an new email arrives with attachment then i'm retrieving attachment content for form processing action.

But ended by getting "Cannot read property 'push' of undefined" what might be the issue..

 Please Help me

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Me too...If you know how to deal with this type of error I would appreciate if you share 🙂


Best regards,


Edgar Simões

Advocate II
Advocate II

I was getting this issue using the CDS current environment connector.


In your flow run history, are you getting any other information? For mine, I was getting a banner across the top saying "Cannot read property 'push' of undefined". In the step that failed, it was telling me there was a syntax error, which took me a while to figure out that it had not saved a closing bracket for one of my lookup fields.


If you have any other information on what is happening, it would help to figure out where/why the problem is occurring.

Kudo Collector
Kudo Collector

Any updates anyone can share?

Helper II
Helper II

I was hoping to find an answer here too.  I have a flow which has been working fine for months, but now it's not and i can't see why - just getting the above error.  hopefully one of the Power Automate elves will be online this week to help.....


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Same here. Had a working Flow that is now suddenly failing. At the step where we are looping through (apply to each) assignments (that's nested in a tasks 'apply to each'), it seems to only fail on those tasks with multiple assignees. I guess something changed in Microsoft's code that is causing the error.

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Faced similar issue today for a flow that was working.

Getting attachments from list items and creating files in a document library.



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I am having the same issue in a flow that was working just fine before I left for the holiday 2 weeks ago. Come back to my flow failing every time I use "Send an email" (3 times). 



Advocate II
Advocate II

Can you guys share the message you're getting on the step? This is where I was able to see what it was saying the issue was and it might be able to help us figure out what is going on for you.

Hi Zuleikav,

The error message within the flow is showing as:

  "message""File not found\r\nclientRequestId: dec105ae-82c5-416c-9555-7bdb8aeabbef\r\nserviceRequestId: dec105ae-82c5-416c-9555-7bdb8aeabbef"
However below are screenshots of the other error messages.  Let me know if you need me to provide more information as any help I can get with this is very much appreciated.
File Content issue.PNGFile Content issue 2.PNG

Hi all, just an update on what I found. I had a user profile of someone who no longer was in the business. I unassigned Planner tasks from this person and re-ran the flow it it succeeded.

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I was able to resolve mine. I created this process, but I have a co-owner of it. The co-owner had updated Send an email (V2) to show as sending from their email address. Even though they input the address (not me), it would not allow the flow to send since I created the process. We "saved as" in my co-owner's name and repeated the change, and the flow now works with no issues.

It looks like it can't find the file. I'm not sure what you're flow is doing before it gets to this point, so these are just some general questions. I'm also no expert in flows 🙂


Have you checked the file exists?

Are you getting the error message if you do a new run (rather than resubmitting a previous or using the test run)?

Are you manually creating the link, or using dynamic content?

Add some compose steps and see what the data it's trying to use is.

Have you tried searching for solutions for the file not found error?


It seems like the 'cannot read property push of undefined' error we have all gotten is more generic and there's a different underlying issue for each of us.

It is a form with an attachment.  In answer to your questions, yes the file exists, no I haven't tested with something new as the person who submitted the failed flow has submitted previously with no issues.  I've tried both ways, dynamic and creating a link, it already has a compose step in it (required to create to the parse JSON) and yes I've searched - this was the only conversation that was remotely relevant.

Looks like I'm going to have to do more research - even create the flow from scratch and see if Microsoft has changed one of the actions which is impacting the flow.


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I am having a similar issues, but connections that were working before are now failing for some reason.

The current one is a create file (SharePoint) connector. Flow has been acting very strange this week.

New Member

If it helps,


I found the issue for my instance, it was a DATA error, as the data had an Appostraphy in the data which caused this failure when I was using functions like below. So I just stripped out illegal characters before the compare and it worked ok.


not contains(cr0d6_primarypostiontitle,'CRSW - YRR's - Seaford') and cr0d6_employeeid eq '46244' and contains(cr0d6_occupancytypecode,'P')


Unfortunately that doesn't seem to be my issue as no apostrophes.  I think it is a bug with the action as it was previously working fine and now I can't get it to work at all.  I'm now trying to find a way to log this as a bug as it still seems to be an issue - and normally it's resolved before I get this far.


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