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Clicking a link in Extracted Data From Webpage

Good morning. I'm a little stuck. I hope someone can help. 


I have a webpage with a table. I am using Extract Data From Webpage and storing it in a CurrentItem. I'm using a For Each Current Item and I can assign values to variables as found in the currentitem[1]. This all works fine.


<1> *This is a hyperlink*John DoeContractor
<2> *This is a hyperlink*Mary LoeSalaried


My problem is this (and based on the table example above) - I successfully read the first names (Column 2) and employment type (Column 3)  into variables. I need to write an IF statement that says: "If the variable for Column 3 = 'Salaried", click the hyperlink in Column 1 for that row. 


The part I'm stuck on is I don't know how to reference Column 1 in terms of telling the mouse to move to the first column and click the hyperlink for row 2. I have tried "Click Link On Webpage" but that requires me specifying a UI element (which I suppose is not static as the number of rows continually changes. 


Any ideas/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 





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